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Author's Notes: Here ya go, Episode 6!  Funny tidbit, I originally had TK voted off in episode 4, but replaced it with Kari; but it was no big difference, I just switched the names around from the dialogue and action.  I thought it should be Kari first, then TK; because of Kari's cold and high fever (during the Dark Masters saga), I wanted the team to be more concerned about Kari's health and vote her off first to keep her safe.  You can see how she's faring in Side Story 1.

Anime Survivor!   Episode 6

Star Otaku:  Welcome to another episode of "Anime Survivor!"  Next episode, there will be a merger between our two tribes.  They've all stuck together, functioning within the norms that they've created.  Will they learn to get along, or will all out war break out?  Keep on reading, for the impending merge is on everyone's minds.  Oh yes, and please send in your offers for cameos!

Day 16

Everyone left on the Pokemon team is either having a relaxing soak in the hot spring or wallowing about in the mud.

{Jesse:  We're having a day just for us.  I think we should relax before we get together with the other team.  So we'll just sit around and pamper ourselves.  Well, as best as we can, considering where we are.}

{Brock:  Everyone knows what big change is to come.  We're going to be joining with the opposition and we just don't know what to feel.  It's just... interesting.  Today is a day for us to put it off and kick back.}

{Misty:  I don't have anything against the Digimon tribe.  They seem really nice.  I don't know how they're taking this.  My guess is that they're planning things out, being a team. *contemptuously* Trying to look good for the readers.}

Everyone is sitting under the parachute tent, talking.

Ash:  I hope they still have some of that food left.  They'll share it with us, and we'll share our supplies.

James:  If we're going to get together, we should choose which ones to eliminate.  I call for Matt.  No one should look cooler than me!  And he seems to have a lot of social problems.

Brock:  *raises hand* Joe.  He seems too wimpy.  We already have James!  Kidding!  But anyways, he isn't as smart as that Izzy.  So we'll need only one genius.

Misty:  Tai.  He's almost as annoying as Ash...  I'm also kidding!  Seriously, he is annoying.  We're going to get real tired of him soon.

Jesse:  All I have to say is that they better have some of those chicken things left!  We're starved.

Everyone nods their heads in agreement.

Everyone at the Digimon camp is looking into the crate of the mini-Cockatrimons.  They're licking their lips hungrily.  They're each pointing to their digimon of choice.

{Tai:  The plan is that we're gonna let Agumon just fry them.  No need for beheading or plucking or cooking.  We're just gonna put it on a stick and dangle it in front of Agumon's Pepper Breath.  I don't know if anyone wants to watch the event though. It could get messy.}

{TK:  I don't know if I want to watch them cook the chicken.  I mean, I fed them and took care of them.  That's the down side of befriending the meal.  I'll just wait for them to hand my piece to me.}

{Matt:  I don't want to be totally insensitive, I'm just hungry.  We all are, and killing is a way for us to get our food.  I'm sure some people are wishing that they were vegetarians.  Mmm... Stir fry Veggiemon...}

{Izzy:  Some more protein into our diets!  You can never get enough protein.  Actually, I think you can.  Too much meat can deprive you of other essential vitamins, which you can get from fruits and vegetables.}

{Sora:  We're going to try to finish them off in the next three days.  I don't think the others want to share with the other team.  I think this is therapeutic.  When we first encountered the Cockatrimon, it nearly walked in on me and Mimi while we were in the shower.  And then it chased us around while we were in our towels!  I think this is some kind of revenge.}

Tai is ready to cook the mini-mon.  He has it on a stick, and is dangling it in front of Agumon.  Agumon then blasts it with his Pepper Breath.  The burnt carcass is passed on to Joe, who cuts it up and recooks it over Agumon.

Matt passes everyone their servings and they eat it with gusto.

{Ash:  It's been a really hot day, so we're getting in our comfy clothes.  I have my shorts and shirt, Misty still has that outfit she usually wears, and Jesse and James are in their swimsuits, but I haven't seen Brock around.}

Brock is in the waters. Meanwhile, all his clothes are in a pile on the sand.  He waves at everyone on the shore.

Misty:  Hey!  There's Brock!

Ash:  What's he doing swimming?  Aren't his trunks being left out to dry from our last challenge?

Jesse:  That was his only pair of swimming trunks.  Then that would mean...  He's skinny dipping!

James:  That can't be right, I'm sure he has more clothes.

Jesse:  Wanna bet?  If he's naked, then your lunch is my second helping.  If he's not, then you get my rations.  Deal?

Both of them shake hands to seal the bet.

James:  Deal.  Now, how do we prove it?

Jesse:  Just watch. *yelling and waving hands* Brock!  I thought I saw another Seadramon behind you!  It's a hundred times larger than the one we ate the other day!  And I think there was a Gyrados with it!  They both seem pretty angry!

Misty:  Jesse, that's mean!

Brock, not wanting to take any chances, runs out of the water.  Along the way, he grabs his clothes and places them in front of him.  He runs onto the shore, past the others.  They look over their shoulders to see Brock's exposed rear as he runs into the jungle.

James:  You know what?  You can have my lunch.  I'm not too hungry anyways.

Jesse:  Me either.

Ash and Misty:  You know, I'm not going to have lunch today too.

Brock emerges from the forest, dressed in his jogging outfit: red shorts and a tank top.  

Brock:  Are they gone?

Everyone nods their heads yes.

Brock:  Good.  I'll make lunch.

Everyone:  I'll pass!

{Brock:  So I guess Ash, Misty, and I are the alliance now.  I want to keep Jesse on board.  She may be difficult, but we need her strength.  James, well...  I'm sure he'll be good for something too.}

{Jesse:  So I'm going to join the twerps.  I have a bigger sense of self-preservation that loyalty.  I'll try to get James to come around and join us.  It's one bold move for our team against the other before the merge.}


*    *    *


Day 17

Tai and Sora wake up and crawl out of the little shack to the side.  They meet Matt.

Tai and Sora:  Morning Matt.

Matt:  Morning guys.  Everyone else is up, so we're gonna make breakfast.

Agumon is lighting up the fire while Izzy and Joe are cooking some Rattata and rice.

{Izzy:  Okay, I made a comment out of boredom, and now I'm being ganged up on.  I remarked, "I prefer the company of computers instead of people.  They have better personalities and it's easier to read what's on their minds, unlike other human beings I know."  So far, I've been scraping by on my intelligence.}

{Tai:  I'm quite offended that he thinks we're stupid and psychotic!  But he's kinda right.  The only reason he's been with us so far is because we need his smarts.  I've seen him work, a little bit, but now we're looking more on physical strength than wit, it's getting tempting to kick him off.}

{Matt:  It all started when we were talking about what and who we all miss.  Then that led to us spilling about some personal things, like how I feel about my family, and how Sora and her mom don't get along. He's one to talk! He's the one who's adopted!}

{Joe:  So I told him that when we write down his name on that piece of paper, we're going to stuff that piece of paper into the box and say, "Izzy, you've got mail."  That just scared him straight.  So he's apologizing to everyone.}

The Pokemon team is walking down the beach and they find a can in front of them.  Ash picks it up and reads the label.

Jesse:  Well?  What does it say?

Ash:  We have another challenge tonight.  And it seems that we're being given a second chance to win food.

Misty:  Food?!  We can't lose this time!

James:  *takes can* I hope that can is enough to tide us over.

Brock:  Let's open it up.

They go back to their camp and open up the can.  They each take turns sniffing the can, and then passing it on to the next person.

Brock:  *sniffs* Pokemon food.  It's the mass produced kind.  I think it's mostly for pokemon that need lots of protein.  Anyone want some?

Everyone turns their heads in disgust as Brock takes piece and eats it.

TK comes up to the group with a can in his hand.

TK:  Look what I found!  It's a clue to our next challenge!

Sora:  *takes can* *reads label* Another chance at food!  Don't you think we already have enough?

Tai:  Sora, around here, we can never get enough!

Matt:  A midnight challenge.  We better rest up for tonight, my bet is that we're going to get really tired from being up so late.

While they were talking, Joe has already opened up the can and takes a whiff of what's inside.

Joe:  Whew!  What's in here? *hands can to Izzy*

Izzy:  *sniffs* It seems to be some artificial protein supplement.  Like dog food.

Everyone's face turns green and they seem sick.

Izzy: Hey, if we've been starved enough that we've started eating rats, then dog food is a welcome change.

Joe: I'm sure that if we cook it, we'll never know the difference.

The team is cooking the dog food over the fire, and then they each take a taste. Some of them chew and then nod their heads while the others just spit out their bite.

That night, both teams are walking down to the old abandoned factory, the one where Andromon was found.  They stand before Star Otaku, who is behind a crate with food on top of it.

Star Otaku:  Now, this is like a relay race, like before.  Inside the factory are two of each of these three items: a hollowed out motor, a dipstick, and an old Andromon helmet.  One person goes inside with an electrical pokemon or digimon.

Ash:  Pikachu!

Izzy:  Tentomon!

Star Otaku:  Correct.  Pikachu will run alongside you and use the Flash technique to light the way, while Tentomon will fly by and use his Super Shocker.  Now, when one person finds one item, they return to the team and pass off the next poke- or digimon to the next person.  First tribe with all the items, wins.  For motivation, here is what you'll win: canned food and some candy sweets.  Ready?

Ash and Izzy step forward with their respective 'mon at their side.  On Star Otaku's mark, they set off running.

Ash and Izzy both reach the factory and run around inside.  Izzy finds the first helmet in an old storage closet and runs out with Tentomon.  Meanwhile, Ash and Pikachu are tearing up the place until they finally find the helmet near a catwalk.

Pikachu and Tentomon are then passed off to James and Joe.  As James is running with Pikachu, he's trying real hard not to pick up Pikachu for himself and run off into the night.  Tentomon and Joe are navigating, without incident, through the factory.  Both boys find the hollowed out motor on the still conveyor belts.  Even though the motor is hollowed out, it's still heavy, and both are having trouble trying to carry it back to the team.

When both boys arrive, the 'mons are passed on to Sora and Brock.  Both run inside and each find the final item: the dipstick, which is found further along the conveyor belt.  When both of them have it, it's a final break for the finish.  Brock makes it first into the group.

[You readers thought Digimon was gonna win again?!  They already had their fair share of food, time for Pokemon tribe to eat some grub.]

Star Otaku:  Well!  After a defeat for the first food challenge, Pokemon tribe makes a rebound!  I'm very sorry Digi-tribe.  Go back to your camps, rest up for tomorrow's challenge.

Pokemon tribe takes their goods back to their camp.  Along the way, they first sample some of the sweets.

That night, TK is sleeping while the rest of Digimon team is sitting around the fire.  They're all talking quietly so as not to wake the sleeping boy.

Joe:  One more day until the merge.  I betcha that as soon as we join, they're going to plan to vote us off, one by one.

Izzy:  Don't be so paranoid.  We outnumber them.  And besides, my strategy is for us to stick together in our votes.

Tai:  That's why we have to win tomorrow.  If we lose and we vote off one more person, we're going to break even.

Matt:  If we do have to vote someone off, let it be TK.  I'm not being cruel, I just don't want him to get caught between the conflict and scheming of the merge.

Sora:  I have a feeling that one of us, from this team, is going to walk off with the "Best Anime Monster Show" and "Best Anime Monster Show Character" titles.


*    *    *


Day 18

{Matt:  It was a very sleepless night.  We just stayed up all night, talking about voting strategies.  I think Joe's paranoia is getting contagious.}

{TK:  I woke up real early because everyone was beginning to talk so loudly.  I can't wait for today's challenge!  Although, I don't want to vote anybody off.  I think everyone feels that way.}

{Sora:  We've all agreed, we've all said it out in the open.  We don't want to vote our own off.  We're really determined to do win today so we don't have to go through that.  But we've come up with strategies in case we don't.}

{Izzy:  So far, I've come up with as many different voting strategies as I can think of to preserve our team.  I've even considered myself as a candidate!  Because I'm sure that by now, everyone is tired of my theories and formulas.  They're telling me: "This isn't a laboratory, this is the wilderness!"}

{Tai:  Okay, throughout our time together, it's been Izzy who's been guiding us.  But now, I think he has more ego than knowledge.  Sure, we've depended on him for the basic information but-}

{Joe:  It's like he's turned into Bill Gates!  He's monopolizing us!  He has to lay out every plan and strategy because we're too dim-witted to figure things out for ourselves!}

{TK:  He treats me like a child!  Wait, I am a child.  And everyone else also treats me that way.  I'm sick of it!  I better start looking out in case I get voted off like Kari.  But if I do get voted off, I may get to see Patamon and Kari again!  Boy, this is a really hard decision.}

{Izzy:  So I've become overly cautious of everyone and for everyone.  I'm just trying to help out as best as I can.  At least I haven't turned totally egotistical.}

Globie and Scott McGuire march down the beach to the Pokemon team.

Globie:  We're here because of this afternoon's challenge.

Scott:  Here is the map to the challenge.

Scott hands the map to Ash.

Globie and Scott:  *salute* Good luck.

The author and character both stroll down the beach away from the team.

^JPK^ and Becker Wein are walking down the beach to the Digimon team.  Everyone gets up to meet them.

^JPK^:  A message from the author.

Becker Wein:  You have an immunity challenge this afternoon.

^JPK^:  Yeah!  I finally made my cameo!  Oh yeah, here's a map to where the challenge is located and the set-up.

^JPK^ hands Tai the map, then both authors about-face and walk away from the group.

Both teams are on a long and narrow island.  Before them is an obstacle course.

Star Otaku:  You're all here!  Good.  Now, We'll need two from each tribe to run the first part of the course.  You'll meet two other members near the end of the course, at a certain part that requires a lot of serious thinking.  Who will volunteer for that?

Jesse and James step forward for the Pokemon team and Izzy and Matt step forward for the Digimon team.  Star Otaku snaps her fingers, and all four people are transported at the meeting place.

Star Otaku:  First ones to make it to the end over there *points*, will win immunity.  The ones who won't be participating, which are Joe and TK for Digi-tribe and Ash for Poke-tribe, will be spectators.

Tai and Sora are lined up on their side of the start line while Brock and Misty are on the other.  On Star Otaku's mark, all four of them take off running.  Brock and Misty have gained a lead over the couple as they go through vaults, rope climbing, rope swinging, crawling, and more running.

Both pairs reach their waiting team-mates at the strategy obstacle.

Izzy:  There are these boards with different lengths.  We have to connect each of these platforms using these boards as bridges, so they can't touch the sand.

Both teams set to work on how to make a "bridge" across the sand and platforms.  Both are evenly matched in speed, but Pokemon team finishes quickly and make their way through another set of vaults.  Soon, Digimon team follows closely behind them.

Both of them reach the flags and struggle to pull them out of the sand.  With the pole being carried in each of their arms, all eight make a dash for the finish line.  They then stop, since they have to raise the flag.

Pokemon team, having the size and strength advantage, hoists up the flag pole and cross the finish line.

Digimon team immediately follows after them.

Star Otaku:  That was a very close race.  I'd like to congratulate all of you on such a good job.  Digimon tribe, I'm sorry, but I'll be seeing you all at tribal council.  Now, Pokemon tribe, you will find the immunity idol on that small island. *points* Just look for the snake pokemon.

Jesse and James take the little canoe to the island.  They see an Ekans and an Arbok wrapped around the idol.  Jesse "charms" the snakes away from the idol, and James grabs it before they can return.  Both of them get back in the canoe and paddle back to their team to celebrate.

As the depressed Digi-team approaches their camp, they find an unpleasant surprise.


{Sora:  We're really upset that one of our Cockatrimons was eaten while we were gone.  An Ekans snuck in here and got into the crate.  It was a messy job to clean up when we finally chased it away.}

{Izzy:  It's still good.  Just wash it and fry it.  I mean, it's not like we put much of an effort to kill it and cook it in the first place.}

The group is setting to work on cutting up the leftovers of the carcass and barbecuing it over Agumon's mouth.

{Joe:  This is adding insult to injury.  First we lose our immunity, now we lose our lunch.  And I think the worst is yet to come.  And I mean the voting strategies.  From what I've gathered, it's either TK, since this is no place for a little kid, or Izzy, because we're getting real tired of him pushing us around.}

It's night time on File Island, and the Digimon team is making their trek through the vast environments of the island.  After crossing the bridge over the hot springs, they all reach the base of Infinity Mountain, to see that there is a crude wooden sitting area around a bonfire.

As each person crosses the bridge, they bang the gong to alert them of their presence.

Star Otaku:  *steps out to greet them* You're all here.  Sit down.

All of them sit down.  In front of each of them is a glowing digivice, and on the tiny glowing screen is their crest.  This is what each of their corresponding crest is, according to their seating plan (left to right):
Matt- Friendship
TK- Hope
Kari- dark screen
Sora- Love
Joe- Reliability
Izzy- Knowledge
Mimi- dark screen

Star Otaku:  I'm sure you all know what to do.  But for now, why don't we talk this over? Tell me, how are your feelings about the merge?

Sora: I think it's kinda okay. We want to stick together in the votes when we merge, and we were kinda hoping that it didn't have to come to this for us.

Izzy: It seems that this has put a wrench in the works.

Star Otaku: So things didn't go as you planned. Izzy, do you feel like you are indispensable?

Izzy: At first I did, but I've re-evaluated my position, and I'm starting to second-guess myself. I feel like I can get kicked off at any time.

Star Otaku: And I'm sure that little comment you made about computers and people doesn't help your situation out one bit.

Everyone laughs and nods their heads while Izzy blushes out of embarrassment.

Star Otaku: I think we're done talking. Why don't we start the voting. We'll go in order of seating. Matt, I'm sure you know what to do.

Matt gets up and goes into the cave. He's writing a name on paper under the torch that hangs over the little table.

Matt:  *write the name and holds it up* TK.  Again, this is for his protection.  And besides, he'll be happy to be together with Kari and Patamon. *puts paper in box and leaves*

TK is seen doing his writing, putting the paper in the box, and then leaving.

Tai:  *writes the name and holds it up* Izzy.  I'd choose TK for the same reasons as Kari, but Izzy needs to deflate his ego for a little bit. *puts paper in box and leaves*

Sora, Joe, and Izzy are seen doing their writing, putting the paper in the box, and then leaving.

Izzy is seen coming out of the cave.  He hands the box to Star Otaku and then takes his seat.

Star Otaku:  Thank you.  I'll try to make this as quick as possible.

Star Otaku opens up the box and reaches inside.  Everyone is silent as the suspense of who the first name will be.

Star Otaku:  *pulls out paper* TK.

TK looks up with wide and nervous eyes.

Star Otaku:  *pulls out paper* Izzy.

Izzy looks on passively.

The process continues as each of the votes are read.  The tally is: Izzy-2 votes; TK-4 votes.

Star Otaku:  Well, TK.  Those are the votes.  Please bring up your digivice.

TK complies with the instructions.  She grabs his glowing digivice and hands it to Star Otaku.  She holds it out in her hand.

Star Otaku:  The tribe has spoken.

Star Otaku presses a button on the digivice.  It stops glowing and the screen goes dark.

Star Otaku:  TK, you can go now.

TK:  See ya guys!  Hope you win this one! *leaves*

TK's Final Words:

Hi everyone!

Don't worry, I'm not mad at you guys.  I think you guys voted me off for the same reasons as you did with Kari.  So the tribe can stay strong and also to keep me safe.

Matt, it was pretty obvious that you also voted for me, I saw your hand writing as the votes were read.  I especially want you to know that I'm not mad at you.  I just want you and Tai to know that Kari and I are big kids now!  We can take care of ourselves.  But don't worry, we still need our big brothers to help us out sometimes!

The digimon, Kari, Mimi, and I will be rooting for you guys!

End of Episode 6

Additional Author's Notes: 4 author cameos have been made!  Sorry about Brock's *ahem* exposé.  Globie suggested either Tai or Brock.  Some more notes on the Kari/TK switch: people were saying how much they missed TK, so I thought I'd keep him on a little longer.  But I still wanted to stick true to my ideas and that of the series, and I planned for TK to go before the real back-stabbing begins anyways.