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"Pokemaniac" asks:  Are Pokemon resembles after the Tagi or Pagong tribe?  Do they each resemble certain people on the actual show?
Star Otaku answers:  I'm actually trying to mix up the two teams and their likenesses.  Yes, there will be some resemblances between some of the people on Survivor with the anime characters, but they'll be small things.

"NB" says:  I saw an episode of Survivor.  The Digimon team is Tagi and the Pokemon team is Pagong.  I hope I am right.
Star Otaku says:  Sorry!  As I told Pokemaniac, I'm mixing up the two between the teams and their counterparts.

If Becker Wein could make a cameo in one episode, I'm sure I can squeeze in another cameo by any author that asks.  You can take over my duties as the host, or be one of my assistants, whatever!

Anime Survivor!   Episode 5

Day 13

It's early morning at the Digimon camp, and everyone is still asleep.

{Izzy:  It was draining, emotionally and physically, for us.  We just slept in, we just didn't want to get up now that Kari's gone.  We're all edgy.}

{Tai:  I guess we're all a little depressed that Kari is gone.  TK is kinda taking it hard.  But I think I am the most, I mean, she is my little sister.  I know she understands.}

{TK:  It's really boring around here without someone who's my own age.  I'm not saying that the older kids are boring, it's just that I'm afraid they won't understand that I can be independent.}

{Sora:  I mean, we all miss the little guy.  I guess that's why we're all down in the dumps.  And to make things worse, it seems that Izzy is coming down with something.  Good thing we have Joe and his first aid training.}

Izzy is lying down in the shade, looking ill.  Joe kneels over him and takes a bottle of medicine out of his bag.  He hands the bottle to Izzy.

Joe is then standing in the middle of the camp, and it's a total mess.  He puts his hands on his hips and huffs.

Joe:  Gosh.  This place is a total sty.  Everyone!  We have to clean this place up!

{Joe:  I think we should clean this place up.  We need something that'll make us pull together and pitch in.  Maybe it'll take our minds off the current situation.}

The Pokemon team is dragging the parachute along the beach and is trying to prop it up and make it into a tent.

{James:  We're working with what we have, and we're not going to let a good piece of parachute go to waste.  We're using it as a tent.  A place for shade or a place to get out of the rain.  All we need are some deck chairs and we're set.}

Meowth is sitting back and watching the humans put up the new tent.

{Misty:  That Meowth.  He's been doing very little to help us.  Okay, so he's handed us some supplies, cooked us a dinner, but that's all that I've counted.  I think he better start doing his fair share, or else he'll get voted off next.}

Misty is back from another fishing trip, and she passes by a resting Meowth.

Misty:  Meowth, quit wasting your time.  Get off your tail.  Now, can you help me gut this fish?

Meowth:  Why don't you ask that bigger twerp?  He's got the knives and the experience.

Misty huffs and angrily storms off towards Brock.

{Brock:  I think I know what's on everyone's minds when we think about the work everyone's doing around the camp.  Meowth seems to be doing little.}

{Meowth:  I came here to enjoy myself and take some time off from Team Rocket.  And sure, I'll help out whenever I'm needed and when I want to.  At least I'm helping.}

Everyone is gathered around the fire and are eating their lunch of cooked Magikarp.

Star Otaku passes by the Pokemon team with her lunch bag in hand.  She lays it on the ground, opens it up, and takes out a piece of paper, a hammer, and some nails.  She starts to hammer the paper to a nearby tree.

Ash:  Uh, Ms. Otaku, what are you doing?

Star Otaku:  I'm announcing your next challenge.  So gather round.

The Pokemon team gathers around the tree and Star Otaku as she announces their next challenge.

Star Otaku:  The next challenge is for a reward: food.

Everyone:  Yay!  Food!

Star Otaku:  Settle down!  For this challenge, you'll all need a good aim since you'll be dealing with targets.  Here.

Star Otaku takes out a few slingshots, blowguns, and a few spears from her lunch bag and hands them to each of the members.

Star Otaku:  I'm sure you all know what to do with these.  I'm lending them to you for practice.  We'll meet out on the northern beach tomorrow.  If you need more info, just read the notice.

Star Otaku leaves the Pokemon team with their new weapons.

{Brock:  We've had the many experiences with these types of weapons before.  Well, indirect experience.  I mean, we've used slingshots, spears, and I think the odd dart here or there to puncture the Team Rocket balloon.  I think we have no problem.}

Ash is using the slingshot to knock off some small fruits off a stand.  His mark hits true after a few tries.  The others clap for him when he finally hits a fruit.

Ash:  Hey, at least I'm getting better.

Brock is trying his hand with the blow darts.  After a few more tries, he still hasn't hit the targets.

Brock:  I'm feeling kinda winded.  Anyone want to try?

Jesse:  Sure, I just hope you didn't spit on it or anything.

Jesse passes Brock and takes the blowgun and darts.  She tries a few times, and on her first try, she hits the target.  She tries again, and her aim hits true.

Jesse:  I'm quite a natural at this!

James:  Maybe next time, we should use a tranquilizer dart for Pikachu!

James and Brock both have spears and they are aiming at two separate targets.  Both of them throw their spears, but only Brock's hits on target.

Brock:  Yes!  I get the spear round!

The Digimon team is trying their hand at the new weapons.  Sora and Tai are trying out the spears; TK and Joe are using the slingshots; Matt and Izzy are using the blowgun.

All of them are in a session of target practice, aiming at some wooden baskets on stands.  Izzy is comparing the dart, gun, wind factor, and his distance from the target.

Izzy:  Okay, measure at a forty-five degree angle, apply at least one Newton of force to the dart, and *blows* there.

Izzy's dart hits dead on.  Everyone applauds him.

{Tai:  Izzy's a great shot, but I don't think we have all the time in the world for equations.  We might have a little problem there, but considering how smart he is, we don't have to worry.  I'm sure he can compute these things in a snap.}

TK tries to shoot with his slingshot, and he hits right on target.

TK:  Using this slingshot is fun!  Now I know how the other boys feel about these things.

Joe is fumbling with his slingshot.  He pulls it back, but only gets the sling snapped back on his hand and the stone hits him in the face.  Frustrated, he throws down the slingshot.

Joe:  That's it.  TK, the round is yours.

Sora then stares at her target, focusing on it.  She then flings the spear with all her might for a few tries.  Each time, she hits close to her mark or right on the mark.

{Tai:  Sora's even better than all the boys!  I think it's from all that soccer practice.  It's given her a good aim along with the strength to use that spear.}

Sora:  I'm jungle woman!  Whoo!

Tai:  Back to nature, baby!

Tai and Sora high five each other.


*    *    *


Day 14

Both of the teams are marching confidently down the beach, where they see Star Otaku behind a wall.  Pinned on the wall are bunches of fruit, held up by string, and in front of the wall are fruit placed on stands.

Star Otaku:  Hey there everyone!  Ready for today?

Everyone:  *yelling* YEAH!  WHOO!

TK:  Bring it on!  We'll knock your block off!

Jesse:  Eat our dust, brats!

Star Otaku:  Everyone!  Settle down!  Blow gunners, step forward.  Everyone dart that hits a fruit goes into the basket, so get ready, you're on a time limit.

Izzy and Jesse step forward and take their weapons.  On Star Otaku's mark, they start blow the darts out of the tube.  It's a flurry of darts, and when the time is over, there is a large pile of fruit in each basket.

Star Otaku then takes them to the next round of the challenge.  Some more fruits are placed on top of clay pots, which are either hanging or placed on pedestals.

Star Otaku:  The rules for this are any fruits that have the pots broken, get knocked off, or are embedded with rocks are yours.  Again, there is a time limit, so you have to be quick and accurate.  Shall we get our shooters ready?

TK and Ash step forward with their slingshots.  On Star Otaku's signal, both of them start to shoot the stones.  Everyone watches as the pots are chipped and cracked and the stones make impact.  When the time is up, everyone applauds.  Star Otaku then loads up more fruit into the basket and they move on to the final round.

She leads them to a line in the sand, and from that line, there is a large bulls-eye set up.  There are two rings surrounding the centre, making three sections.

Star Otaku:  Here it is, winners take all.  If your team wins this, you win all of the fruit, and some mystery food.

Joe:  I hope it isn't cafeteria meat.

Star Otaku:  Person to hit closest to the centre wins all the fruit and the mystery prize.  Spear throwers come forward, and get ready.  You have one try each, so make this one count.

Sora and Brock step up to the line.  Brock throws first, and his spear hits the outer edge of the centre.  Sora then takes her turn, and her spear hits the centre.

The Digimon tribe jump up and down in joy and celebrate as Star Otaku pulls a crate out of her lunch bag.

Star Otaku:  Okay, here is the mystery prize that you're looking forward to! *opens crate* Miniature Cockatrimons!

The Digimon team looks at the little chickens and cautiously step back.

Izzy:  Are they harmless?  Because I remember the last time we encountered one of those things, and it was much bigger.

Star Otaku:  Don't worry!  They're pretty harmless, they're not under Etemon's control and they're small.  They can lay eggs and make some good dinner, I betcha even better than Pidgey.  So you get all the fruit and the Cockatrimons.  Pokemon tribe, great job, you can go back to camp.

The Pokemon team solemnly walks away from the beach back to their camp.

The Digimon team comes closer to the their new food sources and pick them up.

TK:  Why don't we name them?

Tai:  How about Appetizer, Snack, and Brunch?

The rest of the group cheers and laughs.  Then they pick up they're prizes and head back to eat.

{TK:  Winning our challenge today has really cheered everyone up!  First we were all really depressed, and now, we're right back up.  We've got back our energy and inspiration to move on.}

Back at their camp, they're happily eating their fruit, and are gathered around the miniature Cockatrimons.

TK:  They lay eggs, why not just call one of them or one of their eggs Eggy?

Sora:  TK, you know that we're going to eat them sooner or later.

Tai:  Yeah TK, you know we can't wait that long for them to lay some eggs.

Matt:  Mmm...  An omelet.  Or better yet, eggs benedict!

Izzy:  When we finally cook them, think about it!  Teriyaki chicken!  Chicken burgers!

Joe:  Just plain scrambled eggs for me.  Maybe a dash of salt and pepper to go with it.

At the Pokemon team's camp, everyone is waiting for Misty to come back with their food for lunch.

{Jesse:  I was quite disappointed that we didn't win.  I really wanted to eat some real food other than fish!  But killing and then cooking the chicken is quite messy, so I'm happy about that.}

{Brock:  I really wanted to try out a new recipe for eggs and chicken!  I guess it's another day of earning our catch.}

{Ash:  All of that effort for nothing!  I know that we're much better than those guys, we have a lot more experience than them in areas of aim.}

Misty comes back from her trip.  In her hands is a squirming little Seadramon.

Brock:  I think it's called a Seadramon.  I heard that they're usually not that small, they're quite large, enough to fill a whole lake!

Misty:  This is one mean guppy.

Everyone is sitting around Brock as he's cooking the small Seadramon.  When it's done, he hands a piece to everyone.  They all take a bite, make disgusted faces, then spit it out.

Jesse:  Ugh!  Too chewy, and quite horrible, I might add.

James:  I am not using the old delicacy excuse, this is just plain terrible!

Everyone throws their portion over their shoulders.

{Matt:  I hate to admit it, but Tai is our leader.  He's the one who keeps us together.  I mean, a while back, when he was sucked into that dark network thing and didn't come back, we all split up.  And when he came back, we got back together.  The guy you least expect is our leader.}

{Tai:  I really didn't want to get into the leadership position.  I never thought of myself as the leader, but when we were facing Myotismon and Piedmon, I realized that I was.  I guess I can't escape that fact.  I just want to help everyone out when I need to and get everyone moving.}

Everyone is sleeping in their shelter, which is what was leftover of the snack bar pieced together with the remains of the telephone booths.  Tai isn't with them, but he's sleeping in a small section to the side of the little shack.

{Joe:  Over the past few nights, Tai's been going off on his own to sleep by himself.}

{Tai:  I guess Matt's kinda rubbing off on me.  I'm now turning into the lone wolf.  I guess this whole leadership thing is getting to me and I need to get away for a little while to recharge.}

Tai is seen sleeping on a pile of sand covered with some leaves.  He get up and goes outside.

Sora, back with the group, gets up and tip-toes over the sleeping members.  She then sneaks outside and meets with Tai.

Both of them go inside and lay down together on the pile of sand and leaves.  Tai's arms are wrapped around Sora.

{Izzy:  Over the past few nights, Sora has been sneaking out to go see Tai.  And then I see them together in the morning.  I mean, just before our challenge today, they come out of the small shack to the side, holding hands and smiling.}

{Joe:  I think something is going on between them, but I don't want to say anything that'll embarrass them.}

{Sora:  With me and Tai, we just kiss and then cuddle.  It's really nice and comforting.  He's my friend I feel really comfortable around him.  I guess it has something to do with our common interests and all that we've been through together.}

{Tai:  Let me just tell you, between me and Sora there is no romance.  We just enjoy each other's company.  We're friends and nothing more.  We have a lot in common, so it's mutual for us to be together.}

Tai and Sora are seen walking along the beach, holding hands and then walking through the jungle together.

Jesse is bent down in front of an Ekans.  Both of them are staring each other down.

{Jesse:  I'm quite careful around these wild Ekans.  I haven't really seen a lot of them near the camp, but I'm lucky to see one now.  I know they're deadly.  I used to own an Ekans and take care of it, so I'm not afraid.  They're quite quick, but since I'm used to being around them, I have a sense of when they're ready to attack.}

Jesse then jumps up and out of the way before the Ekans strikes at her.

Then we see Ash eating with the others.  He's picking at his portion of their rations.

{Misty:  I'm a bit concerned about Ash.  He's really losing some weight.  He was scrawny to begin with, but now, it's just getting ridiculous.  We're trying really hard to get him to eat, but he just shrugs it off and says that he's saving his energy.}

Ash:  Hey, after this, I'm gonna go out and get some food.  Maybe find some roots.  James, can you come along to help me with the digging?

James:  Sure kid.

Brock:  Good thing.  We're all wasting away, but I think you need more helpings.

Ash gets up and takes everyone's bowls so he can do the dishes.  When Ash is gone, James leans over to Jesse.

James:  *whispers* It's too cruel to get rid of the twerp now.

Jesse:  *whispers* I know, look at him!

James and Ash are wandering in the woods and they see a small Krabby pass in front of them.  Then they return to camp with a small bunch of roots.

Ash holds the roots in front of Brock.

Ash:  Sorry, I really tried.

Brock:  It's okay.  Maybe next time I'll go with you and help you find some bigger roots.

Meowth is peeling the roots and chopping them up.

{Misty:  Okay, so Meowth has had a little bit of improvement in the work area.  He's taking on more chores, but I don't think it's enough though.}


*    *    *


Day 15

James is holding a sign in front of Misty.

James:  It's a water challenge, and you're our expert.

Misty:  Paddling?  I think you better talk to Jesse.  I do swimming.

{Meowth:  So we have another water challenge.  One's rowing and the rest of us are swimming.  Now, I hafta put my money on Jesse or James.  One of them, the twerps, and me will be floating.  I'm still getting the salt water outta my fur from last time!}

{Jesse:  It seems that I'm the choice for this challenge.  I get to row, and I think that I'm perfect for it since I have had a lot of experience.  And since we've just recently been around the Orange Archipelago, there's no need for any practice.  It's my turn to shine!}

Everyone is gathered around discussing the other team's plans and strategies for the challenge.

Everyone is seated around the fire and Agumon.  Joe is reading the message for the challenge.  He looks worried.

Tai:  Joe, you get to do the paddling.  I know you can't swim, so that's why you get the job.

Matt:  And since you're bigger than us, so there's the size and strength thing here.

{Sora:  Joe is the one for this.  We might be at a disadvantage, but we've got to try at least.  We all have our differences, and I think we have to turn a negative into a positive.}

{Joe:  Everyone knows I can't swim.  And since I'm bigger, I get to do the paddling.  I think it's a lot better than swimming.  They say you float in salt water, but when I tried that to save TK, I sank like a rock.}

Where the challenge is taking place, there are two canoes sitting on the beach.  Out in the water, the team members are holding on to floating debris, but they are within some sort of floating border.  Star Otaku is sitting on the beach with Jesse and Joe.

Star Otaku:  You two are here because your fellow tribe members have been shipwrecked.  They're out there, floating for dear life, and both of you have to save them.  Stay within the boundaries, okay?  Once you rescue them, three can help you paddle and one has to take out the water with this bucket. *holds up bucket* Now that you know the rules, get ready.

Joe and Jesse get beside the canoes.  On Star Otaku's signal, they push the canoes out into the water, get in them, and start paddling.

Joe has gained a lead over Jesse, and is paddling over to his friends.  It's easy for him to gather them since they're floating near one another.

Jesse is picking up her team's members, but with much difficulty, since they're scattered far from each other.

Joe picks up all of them and they're all rowing to the shore, while Jesse is still trying to pick up a few more team members.

The Digimon team reaches the shore first, and they all get out to push the boat.  When they finally finish pushing the canoe, they all celebrate with the immunity idol while Joe just faints.

From afar, the Pokemon team looks disappointed.  They gather all their members and head back to the beach.

Jesse:  *mutters* Beaten by a guy who can't swim and has no athletic ability at all, this is humiliating.

{Jesse:  I guess another failure to the name of Team Rocket wouldn't hurt us.  We all have to fail at something.  That which doesn't kill you will only make you stronger, right?}

{James:  Poor Jesse, I wish I could make her feel better.  I always thought that Team Rocket would get used to failures, big or small, by now.  And to add to our worries, one of us is getting kicked off, another proof of our failure.}

{Meowth:  I ain't worried about the whole voting thing.  Team Rocket is sticking together in the votes!}

{Brock:  As for the voting tonight, I remember overhearing Team Rocket making plans for a voting alliance.  Well, Misty, Ash, and I have something planned for them.  I'm sure that their voting strategy is going to be very unorganized.}

It's night time on File Island.  The Pokemon team is making a miserable trek through the island, since it's gray and overcast, reflecting their mood.  After crossing the bridge over the hot springs, they all reach the base of Infinity Mountain, to see the familiar tribal council.

Each member of the group bangs the gong as they enter, making their presence known.

All of them sit down.  In front of each of them is an open pokeball, with a little figurine of their trademark pokemon.  This is what each of their corresponding pokemon figurine is, according to their seating plan (left to right):
Misty- Starmie
Brock- Onix
Tracey- pokeball is closed
James- Weezing
Jesse- Arbok
Meowth- Meowth
Gary- pokeball is closed.

Star Otaku:  *steps out to meet them* Hello everyone.  It's tribal council.  I know, no one wants to be here.

Everyone solemnly nods their heads.

Star Otaku:  Ash, tell me, how is everyone?

Ash:  We're all down I guess.  Two big losses in a row!  There were a lot of things we could have done, a lot of what ifs.  But I feel we kinda deserve it, since we won two in a row last time.  But still, a loss like this is pretty hard to take.

Star Otaku:  Okay.  Now,  Meowth, tell me about the alliances.

Meowth:  What alliances?  It's just the good guys and the bad guys just stickin' together!  I mean, it's only mutual the members of Team Rocket should stick together, no matter what.  It's like they say, birds of a feather stick together.

Star Otaku:  Let's get voting, who'd like to go first?

Ash gets up and goes into the cave first.

Ash:  *writes the name and holds it up* Meowth.  For one thing, I speak for all of us when I say that he could have done more work, but he didn't.  Plus, I heard he's trying to build an alliance to get rid of me.  Here's a little payback. *puts paper in box and leaves*

Misty and Brock is seen doing their writing and then putting the paper in the box.  Then they each leave.

Jesse:  *writes the name and holds it up* Misty.  It could have been Ash, but that's just too cruel, let him recover first, and then vote him off.  Misty is one twerp we could do without.  So she can swim, so can the rest of Team Rocket.  We're bigger and have more strength than her.  It's all a matter of keeping the team strong. *puts paper in box and leaves*

James and Meowth are seen doing their writing, putting the paper in the box, and then leaving.

Meowth is seen running out of the cave.  He hands the Box to Star Otaku and then takes his seat.

Star Otaku:  Thank you, Meowth.*reaches inside box* *pulls out papers*

The votes are tallied like this: Ash-2 votes; Misty-1 vote; Meowth-3 votes.

Star Otaku:  Those are the votes.  Please bring up your pokeball.

He gets up from his seat, grabs the open pokeball and hands it to Star Otaku.  She holds it out in her hand.  

Star Otaku:  The tribe has spoken. *closes pokeball* You can leave now.

Meowth:  This cat still has a few lives left.  Here. *takes off his charm and hands it to James* Good luck. *smirks then leaves*

Meowth's Final Words:

I tried as best as I could, but I guess I'm used to being a lap cat.  If only we were stranded on that island that worshipped me.  I hope the rest of Team Rocket can keep going.

As much as I hate to say it, the twerps were starting to grow on me, so I'll kinda miss them.  Don't think I've gone soft, cuz after this thing is over, it's back to stealing the Pikachu!

I'm gonna miss you all, especially Jesse and James, my two team mates.  Now, if you don't mind, there's some fresh catnip and tuna that's waiting for me.

End of Episode 5

Additional Author's Notes: So, now we know who "Greg and Colleen" are.  This episode is dedicated to Globie, thanks for your suggestion about voting off Meowth, and you telling me that he wasn't doing any work, it just fit in with Dirk and/or Sean.  Again, Eggy is another tribute to Kenji Kotaro, I think he is one funny Digi-author!  Tell me what you think, and please feel free to drop me a line.  Send in your reviews!