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Author's Notes: Episode 4 is here, and who should we boot off next?  Again, thanks to Globie for giving me the advice on how to put together this little project.  I'm sure all know what the little symbols mean by now, so on with the show!

Anime Survivor!   Episode 4

Day 10

The rain is gently pouring through the night at the Pokemon team's camp.  They are all trying to sleep under a crudely built lean-to.

{Jesse:  We would have had a terrible time getting to sleep if we didn't make the lean-to underneath some of the trees.  And it would have been even worse if we had to move it.  Although it was crowded in that thing.  I better make some suggestions about renovations.}

The Digimon team is up bright and early.  They're taking advantage of the rain.

{Sora:  It's really good that it's raining.  I mean, I couldn't stand the heat, and besides, I haven't taken a shower for a few days.  The jungle provides some really good privacy, but I'm watching out for the bug pokemon and the Numemon, it seems that they also like the rain.  So I'm sure that everyone's taking advantage of this opportunity.}

The team is busy cooking breakfast or making repairs to their shelter.  Tai steps into the forest, then runs out of it, screaming, with a towel around his waist.  Everyone looks up at him.  Soon, an angry Sora runs after him with a towel around her.  Everyone nods their heads/closes their eyes/continues to work.

{Tai:  What just happened there?!  It was a mistake!  How was I supposed to know that I wasn't the only person in that clearing?  I hope everyone doesn't think of me as some sicko now.}

Later in the day, the rain has cleared up and the Pokemon team is seen doing the renovations to the lean-to.  Misty and Ash are gathering wood, rope, and other building materials; Jesse and Meowth are measuring and cutting the pieces; Brock and James are hammering it together.

{James:  Jesse's suggestion about renovations to our dreadful lean-to were perfect!  It was getting cramped inside of that thing.  But what I can't believe is that we're actually working together with those twerps to get this thing together.  I don't like the looks of this.}

{Misty:  So we're working with Team Rocket!  I just can't believe it either.  We banded together in our common goal, and now that we've already finished with those, I don't know if we'll finally turn on each other.  All I have say is that this could get interesting.}

Brock:  Hey!  Meowth!  Can you cut up some of that strong rope?  Oh yeah, and a nice square piece of netting, too?

As soon as Meowth is done with the cutting, Jesse hands it to Brock.

{Ash:  I'd honestly have to say that Brock would win this.  He's the one who's adjusting nicely to all of this.  But I guess that if you can survive taking care of ten little brothers and sisters for most of your life, then you can survive anything.}

Misty:  Yay!  Finally, it's finished!

Everyone stands in front of their (surprisingly) well built shelter.  The shelter resembles a large shack, but the roof (made of sticks and palm leaves) is held up by netting.

Ash:  It would look better if we had some nails and a hammer.  Oh well, work with what you got.

Brock:  Don't worry!  I know that this will hold up just nicely!

Brock knocks on the cottage to show how sturdy it is.  The shelter immediately collapses.

Everyone:  *groans*

The Digimon team is foraging for food.  Sora, Kari, and TK are looking for food;  Izzy is checking his rat traps;  Joe, Matt, and Tai are getting the fire ready with Agumon so that they can cook whatever everyone has foraged.

{Joe:  Well, in the past day, it seems that everyone is changing and that things are tensing up between us.  I think that I shouldn't try to do anything that will set everyone off.}

Agumon:  When is everyone going to get back?

Tai:  Soon.  I hope Sora isn't hiding from me or something.

Matt:  Don't worry, they'll come back soon.  And if Sora was hiding from you, she wouldn't drag TK or Kari into it.  I mean, just because you're a pervert-

Tai:  If you want me to take a swing at you, then I'll take the invitation!

Tai and Matt get up, with their fists ready.  Joe gets up and stands between them.

Joe:  Hey!  Hey!  Calm down!  I know that we're hungry and tired, but we shouldn't act like this.  I mean, we had a great morning, let's not ruin the rest of the day.

Agumon:  Joe's right, listen to him.

Matt:  It was already ruined when we found out about Tai's little hobby.

Agumon:  Matt!

Tai:  That's it!

Agumon:  Tai!

Tai lunges at Matt, taking down Joe in the process.  All three of them are rolling around, kicking and punching and yelling.  Soon, Izzy steps in on the scene and tries to break up the fight.

Izzy:  Cut it out!  Stop!  Hey!

Izzy only succeeds in getting a foot in the stomach.  Sora, TK, and Kari run into to the scene and are shocked to see them boys fighting.

Agumon:  Pepper Breath!

The fireball reaches the quarreling boys, and they stop fighting and notice that they are on fire.  They all run down to the water to put it out.

Sora:  Thank you, Agumon.

Agumon:  No problem!

The four soaking and singed boys come back and are met by an angry Sora, TK, and Kari.

Kari:  Tai!  I can't believe you!

TK:  Yeah, Matt, you should be setting a good example for me!

Tai and Matt:  *heads bowed* Sorry.

Sora:  Good, now that that's settled.  We have a message.  Our next challenge is for a reward.

Kari:  Yeah!  We have to build an S.O.S. signal so a plane can drop a bunch of supplies for us!

Joe:  Supplies?!  What kind of supplies?

Sora:  Towels, hammocks, pillows, blankets, toilet paper.  You know, the essentials.

Kari:  And we get to put in something of our own!

TK:  Yeah, someone has to go down and meet the author so she can get what we want!

Tai:  Is there anything that we need?

Izzy:  I've looked things over, and we're well equipped, pretty much.  But a nice, new, sharp knife would make the cooking a lot easier.  Cutting up and gutting our meat is pretty hard with what we have.

Joe:  And utensils!  A utensil set, complete with knives, forks, and spoons!

Everyone:  Yeah!  Let's get that one!

Joe is nervously walking down a trail in a deeper, and thicker part of the jungle.  He finally reaches a clearing where Star Otaku, and Brock, are waiting.  Beside Star Otaku is a large open box, filled with the items to be won: towels, hammocks, pillows, blankets, toilet paper.  All of them have the FanFiction.Net logo on them.

Star Otaku:  Glad you finally made it.  As you two can see, some generous web-site/sponsor has donated these little luxuries.  Both of you are representing your tribe in this little meeting.  Since Pokemon tribe got here first, what would you like to put in the crate?

Brock:  We all decided on some building supplies.  You know, nails and a hammer, at least.

Star Otaku:  Reasonable enough.  Digimon tribe?

Joe:  We would like a utensil set.  Spoons and forks.  And knives, sharp ones, preferably.

Star Otaku:  Very nice!  So, we have building supplies, complete with nails and a hammer, and a utensil set, complete with knives, spoons, and forks.  Okay!  Now, I'll see you all tomorrow, so get working on those signals.

Star Otaku closes the box and takes it with her, leaving Brock and Izzy to go back to their camps and give their team mates the news.

Brock returns to the Pokemon camp, to meet the expectant faces of his team mates.

James:  Well?

Brock:  Let's get started.

Ash:  How should our signal look?

Jesse:  Flashy!  Something big!  Something that'll really catch their eyes!

Everyone starts to clamour as they try to give in their input for the signal.

Everyone at the Digimon camp is sitting around, thinking.  Izzy has a two small, squarish pieces of wood, joined by one edge by a hinge. 

{Tai:  I think Izzy finally lost it.  He's carrying a piece of the crate and thinks its a computer!  Talk about your withdrawal symptoms!}

Matt:  Izzy, you're the smart one, what do you think?

Izzy:  Let me ask the island computer.

Izzy opens up the "computer" and pretends to type on the bottom board of wood.  He looks into the upraised board and pretends to read what's on the "screen".

Izzy:  We need something that'll catch the plane's eye.  My research says that the signal should involve fire!

Tai:  Nahhh...  I don't think so, I mean, it'll be day time when the plane comes around.  Maybe a message in the sand?

{Kari:  Izzy is really using his imagination for that whole computer idea.  Everyone thinks it's a little scary, but I don't think so.}

{Izzy:  The island computer is in touch with the nature of this place.  It's an intermingling of nature and information, creating a database you can access anywhere, anytime.}

Joe:  I think we should knock Izzy out and see if a blow to the head will cure him.

The night wears on as everyone on both sides is working on their signal out on the beach.


*    *    *


Day 11

The sun is rising over both beaches on the island.

A plane is whirring and moving over the runway.  It's airborne as it flies over the sea and to the island.

Star Otaku:  *yelling* Here we are!  We are finally flying over File Island, where our two tribes are finished with their signals!  We're first going to circle the Pokemon tribe's beach!

As the plane flies over the Pokemon tribe's beach, they see a large message written in fire.
"We thought we'd have an island vacation,
 Instead, we only found starvation.
 To denounce the luxuries that we love,
 To extend this message to the plane above.
 Jesse!  James!  Ash!  Misty!  Brock!
 Team Pokemon has the prize in their sight!
 Surrender the crate that's on that flight!
 Meowth!  That's right!"
On the beach are the members of the team, frantically running on the beach and waving their hands.

Star Otaku:  Wow!  Something like that is bound to catch anyone's attention!  But let's see what Digimon tribe has in store for us!

As the plane heads over to the Digimon team's beach, they see a bunch of raised mounds of sand on the beach, making out this message: "Digimon tribe lost its vibe! ^_^*"  The team members are moving around, trying to get the sunlight to catch on the mirrors and flash at the plane.  Each glint off the mirrors is Morse code for "SOS".

Star Otaku:  This is a very hard decision.  I'm going to have to confer with the drop master and pilot, my good friend, Becker Wein.  Becker?

Becker Wein:  It should be Pokemon tribe's signal.  Because I like fire!  And the reworked Team Rocket motto, very hard to miss!

Star Otaku:  As you can see, Pokemon tribe wins the crate, since theirs is the most creative and the most noticeable.

Star Otaku pushes the crate out of the open door as they make another pass over the Pokemon team's beach.  The crate opens up a parachute and drifts down to the water, where it floats.  The plane then leaves.

Everyone on the beach makes a frantic swim put into the water, and they all try to reach the crate before it drifts away.  Finally, they drag it back to the beach and open it.

Ash:  Alright!  Our building supplies!  Now we can build a better shelter!

James:  Ooh!  Silverware!  Made of stainless steel!

Brock:  Some high quality knives!  Now I can make us a gourmet dinner!

Jesse:  How about a gourmet lunch to celebrate our victory?  I'll break out the good linens!

Misty:  Golduck and I will be out fishing!

Meowth:  This cat has some catting around to do, I'll see if I can get some fresh bird!

Brock:  Shouldn't we feel sorry for the other team?

Everyone:  Awww...

Everyone sets off to do their jobs as they prepare to celebrate.

The members of the Digimon team are on the beach, sulking.  The surf has already washed the message away.

Tai:  Man!  I really wanted that knife!

Izzy:  Oh well, I guess it's back to carving our food with sticks.

Joe:  I hate losing.

Sora:  Don't worry everyone.  I'm sure we'll do better next time.

Matt:  C'mon.  Let's go back to camp.

{Matt:  I mean, why didn't Tai listen to what Izzy said?  If we used fire, we could have caught their attention.  But that's Tai for you, always trying to be the leader and getting everyone to do things his way.}

{TK:  Well, we didn't win this one.  I really miss using a fork and spoon to eat.  But there's always next time!  That's the one that really counts.}

{Meowth:  Now that the two brats are outta the way, it's gonna be tough deciding on who to vote off next.  That's why Team Rocket has to band together.}

Meowth, Jesse, and James are huddled together under a bunch of trees that are far from the camp.

James:  Meowth?  What's the meaning of this?

Jesse:  Yeah!  I was about to set the table!

Meowth:  Quit your yapping!  We hafta figure out which of the twerps to vote off next!

Jesse:  You want us to band together in our votes?

James:  Like an alliance?

Meowth:  Yeah!  Exactly.  Tomorrow, we'll most probably have another immunity challenge, so we better get ready.

Jesse:  Why don't we vote for the lead twerp?  Ash.

James:  Yeah!  Then we can snatch his Pikachu!

Meowth:  *claws James in the face* You dummy!  There is no Pikachu!

James:  Aah!  My beautiful face!

Meowth:  Let's plan it out until our next council, agreed?

Jesse and James:  Yes!

Jesse, James, and Meowth:  Team Rocket, blast off at the speed of light!

Everyone is working slowly at the Digimon team's camp.  They are still depressed over their loss. 

Kari:  C'mon everyone, lunch is ready.  We're having:

Izzy:  Rat a la Izzy.

Joe:  And Pidgey l'orange.

{Sora:  To be honest, we're really trying to pull together on this one.  And we lost today, but what's really scary is what if we lose tomorrow?}

{Izzy:  If I were to say who we should vote off, it would be a tough decision.  I mean, everyone has worked so hard, even Kari and TK have proven themselves.  I think we've all proven ourselves.}

Matt is approaching Tai, who is stooping over a small project of his.  He's trying to make a fishing rod.

Matt:  Hey!  Tai!

Tai:  What do you want?!

Matt:  Why don't you come and eat with us?

Tai:  I'm to busy working for our survival.  We have to get some fish, you know.

Matt:  I'm sure you can take a break.

Tai:  I guess you're right.

Both boys walk together to eat lunch with the others.

{Joe:  Everyone seems to be getting along now.  I guess our defeat was a wake-up call that we should really pull together.  Let's try to keep it up.  I mean, Tai and Matt are fighting even less!  That's a surprise!}


*    *    *


Day 12

Misty is coming back to the Pokemon team's camp with a message from the tree mail.

Jesse:  Another challenge?

Misty:  Yup.  This time, it's for immunity.

Ash:  So what do we have to do?

Misty:  It says that: "You have to choose someone who will dig, row, run, swim, and balance, dividing the work to win this challenge.-"

Matt:  "-Choose them well, choose them right, or you'll get voted off tonight."

TK and Kari:  We'll do the digging!

Tai:  Sora and I have both done soccer, so I think either of us should do the running.

Matt:  I'll take up the rowing, since I have gone on a boat by myself.

Joe:  I think I'll take the balancing.  Just as long as I don't get dizzy.

Izzy:  Who does that leave for swimming?  I'd like to help in the dig, so I can calculate the location of what we're digging for.

Sora:  We can't have two runners.  I'll take the swimming part.  So everyone has chosen what they want, agreed?

Everyone:  Agreed!

Brock:  Team Rocket, you guys have a lot of expertise in many of these areas.

Jesse:  I'm not one to brag, but you're right!  We've balanced from great heights-

James:  -Run away from savage pokemon, swam as fast as we could to avoid our sinking submarine-

Meowth:  -Dug many traps for you and the Pikachu, and rowed many types of boats to catch up with you twerps!

Misty:  As former leader of Cerulean gym, I get dibs on swimming!  I just love the water!

Brock:  I'd like to take up the running part, if you guys don't mind.

James:  Dibs on the balancing act!

Jesse:  Rowing is mine!

Ash:  So I guess that leaves me and Meowth for digging, huh?

Meowth:  That's right, kid!  Let a pro show you how it's done.

Both teams are meeting at the beach.  Set up in the water are two floaters along with two floating bridges with swan shaped paddle-boats docked on them.  In front of the group is a crate, and Star Otaku is standing behind it.

Star Otaku:  The immunity idol is up for grabs today. *takes idol from Sora* Now, this is why the challenge is done in sections.

Star Otaku takes out a map and spreads it out on the crate.  Everyone crowds around her to see what is on the map.

Star Otaku:  *points at the images on map* Now, the swimmers will have to go all the way to the two floaters out there.  Below them is a message in a bottle.  Retrieve the bottles and hand them off to the person who's waiting on the bridge, the balancer.  They take the bottle and run down the bridge to meet up with the rower.  Both of them row the boat, reach the beach, and open up the message, which is map.  The runner takes the map and goes into the jungle.  In there, you have to climb a rope ladder where is a key that will open up the treasure chest that our diggers will be looking for.  First team to deliver the chest here wins the immunity.  Let's get everyone into positions. *snaps fingers*

Joe and James appear on the floating bridge; Jesse and Matt are sitting in the boats.

Star Otaku:  *grins* Omnipotent author powers.  Now, swimmers come forth.

Sora and Misty step forward.  Star Otaku gives the signal and both girls dive into the water.  Both of them are swimming as fast as they can, but Misty has gained a lead because of her experience.

Misty reaches the float first and dives to pick up the bottle.  Sora has reached the float and dives to get the bottle.

Misty first passes it to James, who runs to Jesse and gets in the boat with her.

Sora then passes the bottle to Joe, who runs over the bridge and gets in the boat with Matt.

Both teams have started to paddle to the shore, but Jesse and James have the lead.

Team Rocket reaches land first.  They run onto the beach and try to open the bottle, but with some trouble.

Jesse:  It's stuck!  I can't open it!

James:  Break it!

Jesse:  Don't tell me what to do! *smashes bottle over James' head*

Ash:  Not the best way to open a bottle, but it worked!

Jesse hands Brock the map, who studies it and then takes off into the jungle.

Joe and Matt reach land hand Tai the bottle.  Easily, Tai takes out the map, looks at it, then starts to run.

Izzy and Ash go to the map on the crate and look at where the treasure is supposed to be buried.  Both of them run back to their partners.

Izzy:  Okay you two, the treasure is located right by that large conch shell.  The one to our right.

Ash:  The treasure is by the washed up wood.  About ten paces left.

Both diggers run to their sites and start to dig.

In the jungle, Brock is following the map in his hands.  He's confident that he knows where the key is.  He breaks through some bushes and finds the rope ladders.

Tai is running with the map in his hands.  Noticing that he's lost, he stops and takes out his telescope.  Through a quick peak, he finds out he's near the rope ladders and he runs towards them.

Tai comes in just to see Brock leaving with the key.

Both teams are digging as hard as they can.  Both of them are close to getting the treasure, but sand keeps on falling on them.

Brock suddenly comes in time with the key and runs to his team.  As soon as Brock reaches the beach, Tai comes out of the jungle with his team's key.

Meowth and Ash find the treasure and run to where the crate, and Star Otaku, are waiting.  Brock hands them the key, and they open up the chest.  Inside, they find the immunity idol.  The Pokemon team looks at Star Otaku with surprise.

Star Otaku:  *shrugs* More author powers.  So Pokemon tribe wins the immunity!

Pokemon team starts to cheer and jump around in joy.

Izzy:  Sorry about this.

Kari:  We really tried our best.

TK:  I guess it wasn't good enough.

Star Otaku:  Great competition today!  Digimon tribe, you know the drill.  Prepare to pack.

Everyone at the Digimon team is packing their clothes slowly.

Sora:  I'm really going to miss this place.

Tai:  Don't talk like that, Sora.  For all we know, it could be me!

{Sora:  I don't want to make that trek tonight.  I mean, we've all faced a lot of danger and the responsibility of saving the world together.  How can you split us up after we've been through all that?  I don't think it's fair.}

{Joe:  I'm sure everyone feels like they let everyone else down.  I think I didn't run fast enough, or help Matt paddle the boat enough.  We all feel responsible for our parts.}

{Tai:  I'd have to say that if I were going to have to vote someone off, it would either be Kari or TK.  I mean, they're just kids, and I know that they want to help, but I don't want them to get hurt.}

{Matt:  Tonight, we have to do what we have to do, and then say we're totally sorry.  How an you say sorry after voting off one of your best friends just so you can stay strong?  It's going to be really hard tonight.}

It's night time on File Island, and the Digimon team is making their trek through the vast environments of the island.  After crossing the bridge over the hot springs, they all reach the base of Infinity Mountain, to see that there is a crude wooden sitting area around a bonfire.

Tai looks around and sees that there is a gong waiting to the side of the fire.  He picks up the handle and knocks it against the gong, creating a loud crashing sound.

Star Otaku:  *steps out to greet them* You're all here.  Sit down.

All of them sit down.  In front of each of them is a glowing digivice, and on the tiny glowing screen is their crest.  This is what each of their corresponding crest is, according to their seating plan (left to right):
Matt- Friendship
TK- Hope
Kari- Light
Sora- Love
Joe- Reliability
Izzy- Knowledge
Mimi- dark screen

Star Otaku:  I'm sure you all know what to do.  But for now, do you guys want to talk things out, or do you want to get this over with?

Matt:  I'm sure that I'd like to get this over with.  I volunteer to go first.

Matt gets up and goes into the cave.  The inside of the cave is small, and there is a torch hanging over a table with pieces of paper, a pen, and a box.

Matt:  *write the name and holds it up* TK.  I'm sorry, but I have to protect him.  This place now seems too dangerous for TK or Kari, but I'm putting TK's safety first. *puts paper in box and leaves*

TK:  *write the name and holds it up* Joe.  He really doesn't like this place, just like Mimi didn't like this place.  I only want our tribe members to be happy. *puts paper in box and leaves*

Kari is seen doing her writing, putting the paper in the box, and then leaving.

Tai:  *writes the name and holds it up* Kari.  I'm sure that Kari will be safe at home.  I just want to take care of her, she has been starting to look sick.  That's all I have to say. *puts paper in box and leaves*

Sora, Joe, and Izzy are seen doing their writing, putting the paper in the box, and then leaving.

Izzy is seen coming out of the cave.  He hands the box to Star Otaku and then takes his seat.

Star Otaku:  Thank you, Izzy.  I'll try to make this as quick as possible.

Star Otaku opens up the box and reaches inside.  Everyone is silent as the suspense of who the first name will be.

Star Otaku:  *pulls out paper* Joe.

Joe looks half nervous and half relieved.

Star Otaku:  *pulls out paper* TK.

TK looks up with wide eyes.

Star Otaku:  Star Otaku:  *pulls out paper* Kari.

The process continues as each of the votes are read.  The tally is: Joe-2 vote; Kari-3 votes; TK-2 votes.

Star Otaku:  Well, Kari.  Those are the votes.  Please bring up your digivice.

Kari complies to the instructions.  She grabs her glowing digivice and hands it to Star Otaku.  She holds it out in her hand.

Star Otaku:  The tribe has spoken.

Star Otaku presses a button on the digivice.  It stops glowing and the screen goes dark.

Star Otaku:  Kari, down the path, there's a little place where you can say good-bye, leave a little message, whatever you want.  You can go now.

Kari:  I'll see you guys later. *leaves*

Star Otaku:  A defeat that was taken quite well.  You can go back to camp now.

Kari's Final Words:

Hey everyone!  I'm really sorry if I didn't help out enough.

No hard feelings, okay?  I think you guys voted me off so you can stay strong, or to keep me safe.  I really appreciate it, and I hope you have all the luck in the world to win this.

Tai, I recognized your writing.  I'm not mad at you, I just want you to do the best you can, and help TK out when he needs it, okay?  I also want you to know that I'm growing up, you don't always have to look out for me.  That doesn't mean I don't need you, I still do.

Mimi and I will throw you all a party as soon as you get back!

Take care guys!  Go Digi-tribe!

End of Episode 4

Additional Author's Notes: Now, on the show, Greg and Colleen seem to be getting a little close around this time, and in episode 5 things will really heat up!  Well, not really.  Just enough to keep the PG rating.