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Author's Notes: Here it is, episode 3.  Don't worry, I did see all of it, so this part will be longer.  To those of you who asked those wonderful questions, here are the answers.  And thanks to Globie for giving me the advice on where to get more info on "Survivor".

"unknown" asks:  Will the winner win 1 MILLION dollars or not?
Star Otaku answers:  Sorry.  The winner will not win $1 million.  For themselves, they're competing for best anime character title, and for their series they're competing for best monster anime.

"Sumiki" asks:  Is Slate and Sketcher really Tracey and Brock's last name????  I thought that they couldn't have any pokemon at all???
Star Otaku answers:  Yes, those are their last names, at least that's what my sources have told me.  They can't have any outside pokemon or digimon, except for the ones that they win.  Now, I made an exception for Meowth since he acts more human than pokemon.

"Vaporon" asks:  In Ep. 1, Team Digi won the use of Agumon. But he wasn't in Ep. 2. Why??  And if Team Poke won, does that mean Brock gets to use his Zubat??? (Zubat is the only bug that Team Poke has.  Ash released his Butterfree, remember???)
Star Otaku answers:  Agumon wasn't in episode 2 because digimon/pokemon (with the exception of Meowth, cuz he acts more like a human than a pokemon) can't participate in challenges.  And I didn't catch episode 2 of the real "Survivor" so I don't know where Agumon fits in.  I'll try to fit him in for this episode.  Brock doesn't get the use of his Zubat, for the last challenge, they were competing for immunity, not the chance to use a pokemon.

"Dragon Slayer" asks:  I was just wondering, do you like Pokemon better than Digimon or the other way around?
Star Otaku answers:  To tell you the truth, I'm torn between the two, I like them equally.  But I'll let the readers figure out who should get to win and who should get the boot.

Anime Survivor!   Episode 3

Day 7

It's early afternoon for the Pokemon tribe, and they're ready to take a trek into the woods.

{Brock:  It seems that yesterday, while Jesse and James were looking ingredients for their home-made all natural beauty products, they stumbled upon a hot spring!  Now, there were some hot springs somewhere near Infinity Mountain, but we didn't want to walk that far.}

{Jesse:  It's about time we found a luxury in this horrid jungle.  And to our luck, we found a simple mud pit near the hot springs.  Once this thing is over, I could quit Team Rocket and start a health spa!  Think of the profits!}

We see Jesse, James, and Meowth packing mud on themselves while Misty, Ash, and Brock are sitting in the hot spring, relaxing.

Tracey is nearby trying to sketch a Numemon.  The annoyed digimon throws a pink dropping in his face.

{James:  That other twerp, Tracey, yeah, that's his name...  Anyways, he seems to be off on his own little world.  He seems more delusional than Jessebelle!  I hope we can get rid of him fast.}

{Tracey:  After that little run in with that Numemon, I'm really determined to find out more about them.  Now, I know that the rest of the tribe doesn't appreciate that, but in the long run, it'll benefit us.  I mean, how can we survive if we don't study these new creatures?}

{Brock:  All that I have to say is get rid of him.  I've never like him anyways, never will.  And I think that everyone is starting to agree with me.  So, we all have our own plans to vote him off next.  I think for the next immunity challenge we're going to try to lose on purpose.}

The Digimon team looks depressed and contemplative.

Kari:  I really miss Mimi.

TK:  Yeah, she was a lot of fun to play with.

Matt:  Don't try to comfort me by telling me that we'll see her again.  Don't be so insensitive.

Sora:  It's going to be tough being short of one girl on this island.

Joe:  This is just so depressing.

An Ekans is slithering after a Rattata scurrying in front of them.  The Ekans lunges forward and has the Rattata in its jaws.  It proceeds to devour the rat pokemon.

Izzy:  Quite impressive.  It proves just how the feeding habits of these pokemon creatures are similar to those in the real world.

Joe:  I think my sentiments to this little scene would be just like Mimi's.  She'd look at this and just say, "Eeew!  Gross!"

Everyone is silent again.

Izzy:  You know, rat meat is a source of protein.

Everyone looks at him strangely as he is suggesting that they start to eat the Rattata.

{Tai:  Okay, starving is one thing, but being driven to eat rodents?  That's just not my cup of tea.  Especially eating strange super-powered rats.  We tried our luck on a small group of Pigdey.  Good news is, we'll be having some roast chicken tonight!}

{TK:  It was really fun trying to capture those pokemon!  I think I'm getting the hang of this.  After this, I wonder if I could become a pokemon trainer instead of a Digidestined.}

Tai, TK, and Izzy are trying to sneak up on a small group of Pidgeys.  Matt, Sora, Kari, and Joe watch them from behind.  Then the three boys start to run wildly into the flock and try to grab at the fleeing bird pokemon.  The other four start to laugh hysterically.

{Izzy:  So our methods were a bit unorthodox.  Can you blame us?  At least we'll be eating roast bird tonight!  I wonder if we can do the same thing with the village of Yokomon.  You know, turn them into Biyomon and then we can have a feast!}

{Sora:  Please tell me Izzy was joking.  Just kidding, I know he is.  You know, for a computer nerd, he's really trying to develop his sense of humour.  I guess he needs something to do now that he's deprived of his computer.}

The Digimon team is roasting three Pidgey carcasses while Agumon is tending the fire.

Then everyone is asleep while Agumon and Tai keep watch over them.

Everyone at the Pokemon camp is asleep while Jesse and James sneak away into the jungle, probably to use the hot spring or the mud bath.


*    *    *


Day 8

Everyone at the Pokemon beach is reading the message that James has just delivered to them.

Misty:  Another water challenge!  I'm sure we'll win this one!

Jesse:  What are we waiting for?  Let's get into our swimsuits!

Ash:  It also says that we have to bring back the idol.  Where did I put that thing?

Everyone at the Digimon beach is reading the message that Izzy has just delivered to them.

Matt:  Another water challenge?  They've got to be kidding us.

Tai:  We've already shown them what we can do.

Joe:  I wouldn't get too cocky about that.  We're weak from hunger.

Tai:  C'mon Joe, quit worrying.  Now, where did we hang our swimming trunks?

Both teams are Congo-lining down the beach, with each of the respective leaders of each group leading the line.  Set up are two separate sections on the beach, and out in the water are two floating tubes.

Star Otaku is standing between the two sections.  Ash hands her the immunity idol.

Star Otaku:  You're all looking cheerful!  Today, you won't be competing for this. *holds up idol*  Instead, you'll be competing for a reward, and that reward is fishing gear.  That fishing gear is a snorkel and a water digimon or pokemon.  All you have to do is swim out to those inner tubes out there and bring up the sunken treasure chest.  First tribe here with all hands on the treasure chest wins.  Get into your tribes.

The groups go to their sections and are ready to make the run.  Star Otaku gives the signal and they set off.  Both teams make a big splash in the water and try to run/swim in the water.

Digimon team is prepared for the swimming competition.  Tai and Matt are swimming with Kari and TK on their backs so they don't have to wait for them to catch up.

Everyone on the Pokemon team is swimming evenly, although Misty is ahead of the group by a little bit.

Both teams reach the inner tubes and dive down below it.  The strongest members of each group try to pull up the chest, but barely move it an inch before dropping it.

Digimon team makes a plan to alternate with the lifting.  Tai and Matt struggle to drag the chest underwater (it's pretty hard since they're carrying Kari and TK), then stop to surface for air.  Sora and Joe grab the chest and then take their turn to drag the chest.

Pokemon team has two members holding each side of the chest and swimming, while another member is under the chest, holding it up underwater.  Everyone alternates between lifting the sides and the bottom as each member has to rest or come up for air.

Pokemon team finally makes it to the beach while Digimon team is still lagging behind.  They reach Star Otaku and drop the chest at her feet.  Star Otaku opens the chest, and reveals a snorkel, mask, fins, and a pokeball.

As soon as the water is shallow enough, Kari and TK get of their brothers' backs and take their turn to carry the chest.

Star Otaku:  It seems that Pokemon team has made another victory!  Who would like to take honour of handling the water pokemon?

Misty steps forward and grabs the snorkel mask and puts it on.  She then takes the pokeball and throws it, revealing a Golduck.

Misty:  Finally!  I get a graceful Golduck instead of a dopey Psyduck!

Star Otaku then goes up to the Digimon team, which is finally dragging their chest up the beach.

Star Otaku:  Great game today.  Here's what you could have won today.

Star Otaku opens the Digimon team's chest.  Out pops Gomamon.

Gomamon:  Hey everybody!  It was getting stuffy in there.

Joe:  Why did we have to lose!  We could have used Gomamon's marching fishes attack for food!

Star Otaku:  Don't worry, there won't be an island council, so there's nothing to worry about.  Just go back to your camp and get ready for the next challenge.

Everyone back at the Pokemon camp is still celebrating their victory.

Misty:  Is anybody here hungry?  I'm gonna catch us some fish for a feast!

Brock:  Get the fire ready, and I'll cook us some fillets!

Meowth:  Give me a choppin' board and I'll make us some sushi!

{Meowth:  I pretty much wasn't gettin' a chance to contribute.  Besides, I think my specialty sushi will change anyone's mind about voting me off.  Cat's have claws, and it's time this cat put them to good use.}

Everybody cheers at the thought of real food and gets on their way to do the food preparations.  Brock and Meowth are in charge of cooking, and Jesse and James are in charge of table decor.

Tracey:  Misty, can we take the raft out with you?

Misty:  We?

Tracey:  Yeah, me and Ash.

Ash:  What?  I didn't agree to any fishing trip!  That's Misty's job now.

Tracey:  We're not fishing, I'm gonna examine the specimens that Misty's gonna capture before we eat them.

Ash:  What do you need me for?

Tracey:  You don't expect me to row that raft by myself?

Ash and Misty sweatdrop and then roll their eyes at Tracey, obviously annoyed.

Misty, still wearing the swimming gear, walks out to the water and begins her swim.  Ash and Tracey get on the raft that they built and start to follow her.

Back at the Digimon beach, everyone is lying around, exhausted from hunger.

Tai:  Isn't there anything to eat?  Joe?

Joe:  Don't look at me.  If there were any eggs, then I'd be sure to whip something up.  Unless you want another go for Weedle segments.

Everyone at the camp shudders at the memory.

Tai:  Matt, why don't you go catch us some more of those Pidgey things?

Matt:  *impatiently* We can't seem to find anymore around the beach.

Tai:  Then look in the jungle.

Matt:  *through clenched teeth* It's really hot today, and we'll lose our energy if we make that long trip.

{Matt:  I know that it's been a few days, but it's just like the old rivalry all over again.  I'm getting really tired of hearing Tai complain and boss us around.  We're really going to have to do something about the food shortage.}

TK:  I'm not tired, and I'm not going to get tired either.  I'll go get more Pidgey.

Matt:  No TK.  You're too young to go in the jungle alone.

TK:  Oh Matt.  I went in there alone before.

Matt:  Well, before there weren't any poisonous snake pokemon, now were there?

Kari:  Don't feel so bad TK.

{Kari:  I think that soon it'll either be me or TK.  The other's think that we're too young and that it's too dangerous for us to stay here.  If only we had some opportunity to show them that we're good for something.}

Misty dives gracefully through the water with the Golduck at her side.  They reach a school of plump Magikarp and Golduck proceeds to grab a large one with its bare flippers.

Up on the raft, Tracey and Ash are just hanging around.  Ash is dreading every moment he's spending with the annoying pokemon watcher.

Tracey:  I can't wait to send in these sketches to Professor Oak.  And I can't believe that we met his grandson!

Ash:  Yeah, whatever Tracey. *mutters* When is Misty gonna get here?

Misty pops out of the water with a Magikarp wriggling in her hands.  She throws it on board the raft.

Tracey:  A great specimen, Misty!  Why don't you get another one?

Misty:  Another one?!

Tracey:  I want to make sure that these Magikarp are all uniform in body structure.

Misty:  It's a fish!  Why would we need-   Hold on, here's another one.

Golduck emerges from the water and throws another large Magikarp on the raft.  It smacks Tracey right in the head.

Ash and Misty giggle as the watcher is knocked unconscious.

Izzy is seen making a sort of mouse trap.

{Izzy:  I've been pretty bored, and it seems that no one likes my jokes.  So I decided to apply my knowledge to making something useful.  I remember that yesterday I mentioned eating the Rattata.  I decided to put that theory to the test.  As you can see, I decided to use the snare trap.  The animal goes for the bait, the foot is caught in the snare, and then bam!  It dangles in the air, ready for the pickings.}

Izzy goes to check on his trap and sees a Rattata dangling in the air, flailing its paws.

Izzy:  If physiology serves me right, then I should do this. *snaps its neck* There.  Dinner's on the pot!

Izzy then uses the fire, which Agumon is keeping, to cook the gutted rat.

Agumon:  Hey Izzy!  Aahh!  What's that thing?!

Izzy:  I'm just cooking an afternoon snack.

Agumon:  Okay, try not to spoil your dinner.

The other Digidestined start to gather around him.  They stare as he takes off a cooked piece and eats it.

Tai:  Izzy, I think you finally lost it.  You're actually eating a super rat.

Izzy:  Mmm... A bit like chicken.  Anyone care to try?

Joe:  I can't believe it.  I'm not touching something that's filthy and disease-ridden.  It was nice knowing you, Izzy.

Izzy:  It's been five minutes and I'm still standing here.  Care to try?

Joe:  No!  I warned you, so don't blame me if you get a stomach ache!

Sora:  I'll try a piece.  I'm desperate to eat some protein.

Matt:  Give me a piece too.

Both Matt and Sora try a piece of cooked Rattata.  Both of them swallow and smile.

Sora:  Please pass the pokemon!

Kari:  It can't be worse than eating your vegetables.

TK:  I want some too!

The Digidestined start to gather around Izzy, hoping to get a piece of the Rattata.

Izzy:  Hey!  Get your own rat meat!

Everyone is seated around the crude, yet extravagant table that Jesse and James constructed.  Brock is just finishing using the fire that the team finally managed to make.  Brock and Meowth serve the dishes that they promised: fillet and sushi.  Everyone digs in and start to ravage the dishes.

Brock:  Wow!  The Magikarp around here are bigger, much more meatier, and have softer outside scales than the ones back home.

Everyone continues eating vigorously.

Brock:  Hey, uh, Tracey, that's some nasty bump on your head.

Tracey:  *muffled* Just a little fishing accident.

Ash and Misty:  Yeah, an accident...


*    *    *


Day 9

It's before noon, and Digimon team is relaxing, with the exception of Sora.

Tai:  It's day nine.  I wonder if we have another challenge.

Sora then runs up to the group.

Matt:  What great timing Tai.

Joe:  What do we have to do today?

Sora:  Well, the instructions tell us to make a maneuverable stretcher and then choose someone who is really light so that we can carry them on it.

Everyone turns to look at Kari and TK.

Jesse comes into the camp waving a rolled up piece of paper in the air.

Jesse:  We have our next challenge today!

Brock:  What do we have to do?

James jumps up and looks over Jesse's shoulder.

James:  It says build a stretcher and choose the lightest person to carry it with.

Everyone turns to look at Meowth.

Meowth:  Uh-uh!  Not me!  Try them! *points at Ash and Misty*

Ash:  Meowth, c'mon, you're perfect for this!

Meowth:  I've been put in traction too many times because of you, twerp, so I've grown a little fear to them stretchers.

Brock:  Reasonable enough.

Everyone looks at Ash and Misty.

Both camps are hard at work on their stretchers.  They're busy gathering the materials, measuring the persons that the stretchers will carry, and actually contructing the things.

{TK:  It was a tough choice between Kari and me, so we had to do a little test.}

Matt first picks up TK and then puts him down.  Then he picks up Kari, and puts her down.

Matt:  Kari, you're the one that we're going to carry.

{Kari:  I'm glad that I finally have a chance to contribute to the team!  I'm sure that we can knock those pokemon people's block off!}

Brock lifts up Ash, although he is straining.  Then he drops Ash, who lands on his behind.

Brock:  Ash!  You sure are heavier than you look!

Ash:  *rubbing his bottom* Hey!  I thought I was actually losing weight!

Brock:  Okay Misty, your turn.

Misty steps forward and Brock picks her up with relative ease.

Brock:  I guess we know who we'll be carrying.

Tracey then runs up to them with his sketchpad in his hands.

Tracey:  You guys!  I made up some plans on the design of the stretcher.  What do you think?

The two teams, minus Kari and Misty, are walking down a part of the beach near a heavy part of jungle with their stretchers.  Even farther down the beach are two large tents.

Star Otaku:  Good to see everyone again!  As you know, each tribe is missing one of its members.  That's because they're injured or lost in the jungle somewhere.  Don't worry, they're at equal distances from here.  Now, you're job is to go in the jungle with the stretchers, retrieve your injured team mate, and take them down to the first aid tents.  First tribe to the tents with their rescued member wins immunity. *holds up idol* Ready?  Go!

Both teams make a mad dash into the jungle.

TK is leading the way through the jungle and Izzy is behind him making sure that they aren't lost, while Tai, Sora, Matt, and Joe are carrying the stretcher.  Tai and Sora are holding the ends while Joe and Matt are holding the sides.

Kari is dangling from a tree.

Kari:  If only Gatomon were here.  Now I know how a cat feels.  Hey!  I'm over here!  Hey!

Kari then grabs her whistle and starts blowing it loudly.

TK:  You hear that?  It's Kari's whistle, and it around that way! *points* Straight ahead!

The Digimon team runs even faster towards the source of the noise.

Kari:  Yay!  You guys are here!

Tai:  Kari!  We'll get you down!

Joe goes underneath Kari, so that she's propped up on his shoulders.  She reaches behind her to unfasten the harness and it comes undone.  Joe then lowers her onto the stretcher.

TK:  Now that you're alright, let's get you some first aid!

The Digimon team now begins to run out of the jungle and towards the beach.

The Pokemon team is running clueless through the jungle, while Misty is also dangling from a tree.

Misty:  *angrily* When are they gonna get here?!  Hey!  You guys better come here and get me or else I won't catch anymore fish!  You hear me?!  I'm over here!

Ash:  You hear that?  It sounds like Misty.

Brock:  No one can ignore Misty's yelling.  That-a-way!

The rest of the group continues running, but toward Misty's frantic ranting and screaming.

Misty:  It's about time you got here!  Let me down now!

Meowth:  I'm sure glad I'm not the one up there.  You know how cats are when it comes to getting stuck in trees.

Jesse:  Alright, alright.  Just quit your whining.  Both of you.

James goes underneath Misty, so that she's riding on his shoulders.  Meowth jumps up and slashes at the ropes on her harness, freeing her.  They bring down and place her on the stretcher.  Then they begin their run back to the beach.

Back on the beach, Star Otaku is watching for signs of the teams to return.  She sees that some of the foliage is rustling and the Digimon team breaks through and they begin their run to the tent.

Soon after them, the Pokemon team arrives and make their sprint for the tent.

Misty:  Not so fast!  I think I'm gonna be sick!  For real!

When they finally reach the tent, the Digimon team is already done.

Star Otaku:  Congratulations Digimon tribe.  You guys regain immunity. *hands the idol to Izzy* As for Pokemon tribe, I'm sure you know what to expect.

It's night time on File Island, and a tropical storm is pouring.  The Pokemon team is making a miserable and wet trek through the island, which every part is raining.  After crossing the bridge over the hot springs, they all reach the base of Infinity Mountain, to see that there is a crude wooden sitting area around a bonfire.

Ash, leading the group, bangs the gong, letting them know of their arrival.

Star Otaku:  *steps out to greet them* What a storm!  Everyone, take your seats and lets get this done quickly if you want to go back to your camps and get dry.

All of them sit down.  In front of each of them is an open pokeball, with a little figurine of their trademark pokemon.  This is what each of their corresponding pokemon figurine is, according to their seating plan (left to right):
Misty- Starmie
Brock- Onix
Tracey- Marril
James- Weezing
Jesse- Arbok
Meowth- Meowth
Gary- pokeball is closed.

Star Otaku:  We remember what happened last time.  And I know that this isn't going to be an easy decision this time.

Everyone, except Tracey, giggles at that last part.

Star Otaku:  I'm sure you all know what to do.  Who'd like to go first?

Brock gets up, and with his head held high and a confident look on his face, he goes into the cave.

Brock:  *write the name and holds it up* Tracey.  Finally!  My day has come!  First of all, I just don't like him.  And second, he really wasn't helping much.  Okay, so he drew up the plans for the stretcher, but what good is a drawing?  So if he goes, all I have to say is good-bye, and good riddance. *puts paper in box and leaves*

Misty is seen doing her writing and then putting the paper in the box.  Then she leaves.

Ash:  *writes the name and holds it up* Tracey.  I don't know how he ended up with us in the first place.  I just mentioned Professor Oak, and then he went stalker mode on us.  Kinda like the way Brock is around girls.  But Tracey, he takes it to a creepier, more delusional "we're all friends" kind of level. *puts paper in box and leaves*

Tracey:  *writes the name and holds it up* Jesse.  It had to be someone from Team Rocket.  Good guys can just keep this island. *puts paper in box and leaves*

Jesse:  *writes the name and holds it up* Tracey.  Like the last twerp we voted off, my reason is his attitude.  It's just too positive.  Ugh! *puts paper in box and leaves*

James and Meowth are seen doing their writing, putting the paper in the box, and then leaving.

Meowth is seen running out of the cave.  He hands the Box to Star Otaku and then takes his seat.

Star Otaku:  Thank you, Meowth.*reaches inside box* Who will it be this time? *pulls out paper* Tracey.

Tracey looks around nervously at everyone.

Star Otaku:  *pulls out paper* Jesse.

Jesse glares at her fellow team members.

Star Otaku:  *pulls out paper* Okay, the ink is running, but I think I can make it out.  Tracey.

The process continues as each of the votes are read.  The rest of the votes read are all for Tracey.

Star Otaku:  Well, Tracey, I guess you have to go.  Please bring up your pokeball.

He gets up from his seat, grabs the open pokeball and hands it to Star Otaku.  She holds it out in her hand.  A strong gust of wind blows past them, and the force of it  closes the pokeball shut.  Then a flash of lightning appears, followed by the crash of thunder.

Star Otaku:  The tribe, and the weather, has spoken. *closes pokeball* Please leave now.  You'll find your way to where you can make your last message.

Tracey:  *turns to the team* Guys, what happened?  I thought we were friends. *leaves*

All of a sudden, the storm dies down, and only a light rain is left of the storm.

Star Otaku:  Whaddya know?

Tracey's Final Words:

Pretty strange how the weather changed as soon as I left.

I don't know what went wrong.  I'm sure that I did help out.  But I guess what happens, happens.

I hope everyone else takes care, and I'll be back here waiting for you guys.  In the meantime, I'll see if I can contact Professor Oak about taking the time to look at some of my sketches.

End of Episode 3

Author's Additional Notes: Tracey haters, your day has come!  I thought I'd torture him a little bit before booting him off.  Tell me what you think!