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Author's Notes: Sorry that episode 2 is really short.  I missed the second one, except for the bug-eating challenge and the voting.  Who will get voted off this time?  I warn you that I will alternate between script and descriptive writing.  Here's a key on what to expect:

Anime Survivor!   Episode 2

If you have seen episode 2, just imagine the scenarios on each team, but replace it with the Pokemon and Digimon characters.

If you haven't seen episode 2, imagine some discoveries, bickering and complaining, and a few humourous moments between the characters.


*    *    *


Day 6

It's around noon time for the Pokemon camp, and they seen to be relaxing and enjoying the afternoon.

Ash goes to a tree in which a bamboo tube is hanging.  He looks inside to find a rolled piece of parchment inside.  He is suddenly seen running down the beach with a rolled piece of paper in his hand.

Ash:  *yelling* We have our next challenge!

The others perk up and gather around Ash as he reads the message to them.

It's also around noon time for the Digimon group, and they are cooking their meager rations for lunch.

Tai goes to a tree in which a bamboo tube is hanging.  He looks inside to find a rolled piece of parchment inside.  He is suddenly seen running down the beach with a rolled piece of paper in his hand.

Tai:  *yelling* Hey everyone!  We have another challenge this afternoon!

The Digidestined crowd around Tai to see what the message is.

The message is now in Jesse's hands and everyone is reading over her shoulder.

Tracey:  This afternoon, we're supposed to meet together for a buffet.

Misty:  It had to be a bug buffet.  You know how much I HATE bugs!

Jesse:  Well, it says that we'll-

Izzy:  -be competing for immunity.

Joe:  And the losing team receives a tribal council.  Didn't they know that eating bugs is bad for you?

Mimi:  Eew!  I don't think I can do it!

Sora:  Be strong Mimi, be strong.

TK:  It also says that we have to bring back the immunity idol.  Now where did I put that thing?

Both teams are marching down into a deep part of the jungle.  The respective leaders of each group are holding the map and lead everyone to a jungle clearing.  Set up are two rows of benches along a crude wooden table.  Along each side are covered dishes and glasses of water.

Star Otaku is standing at the head of the table.  Tai hands her the immunity idol.

Star Otaku:  Hello everyone!  Now, you all know that you'll be competing for this. *holds up idol*

The groups nod their heads nervously.

Star Otaku:  Now you all know the prize is immunity.  And all of you aren't too pleased with today's challenge.  You all know that each of you will be eating a bug.  Pokemon, that is.  Take your seats and bon appetit!

The groups split up to the side and sit down.  They lift up the covers and look disgusted.

Star Otaku:  That's right, you are all being served Weedle segments.  We took off the heads so you won't eat the poison.

Everyone starts to look green.  Some are even ready to throw up.

Star Otaku:  You all have to eat one segment.  First one on their team to refuse, loses.  So, are you willing to do this for your team?

Some people shake their heads, despite of nausea.

Start Otaku:  Alright!  Let's start with our champions, Digimon tribe!  Tai, will you do the honours?

Tai looks down at his segment.  He sweats and carefully picks it up.  He eyes it, then closes his eyes, opens his mouth, and gulps it.  He looks sick for a moment and then guzzles down some water.

Star Otaku:  Okay.  Next person.  Matt?

And so it continues with the Digidestined.  They all look nervous and nauseas as they each take their turn.  Here are their reactions.
Matt= Picks up segment and cooly puts it in his mouth, chews, then swallows.  He then takes a sip of water like nothing happened.
Sora= Picks up segment, pinches her nose, and then closes her eyes as she swallows it.  She then takes her water and drinks down the whole glass.
Izzy= Examines his piece.  "Remember, this is protein.  People around the world eat bugs," he reminds himself.  Then he eats it.
TK= "Remember, it's just like brussel sprouts," TK says to himself.  He then puts it in his mouth and swallows it whole.
Kari= Just eats hers, no questions asked.
Joe= "After this, remind me to get my stomach pumped."  He closed his eyes and gulps down the segment.
Mimi= After five minutes of freaking out, the team finally force it down her throat for her.

Star Otaku:  That was interesting.  Now, Pokemon tribe, you have a chance to prove yourselves.

Ash= After a few seconds of his moaning, he eats it.
Misty= Squirms for a while.  Quickly picks it up, downs it, and guzzles some water.  She looks relieved that it's over.
Brock= Examines his piece, then puts it in his mouth and chews for a long time.  After a minute, he finally swallows.  "Hmm, not bad.  This could be put to use in the breeding business."  Then he takes a sip of water.
Tracey= Studies and examines his piece.  "I better remember the cross-section of a Weedle.  I could get a chance to show it to Professor Oak!"  He then eats it.
Jesse= Thinks about whether or not to eat it, shrugs, then downs it.
James= "It's actually a delicacy.  The servants just brought it in front of you."  He finally stuffs it in his mouth.
Meowth= "Hope this doesn't make me a cannibal or something."  He then gulps it down.

Star Otaku:  I was afraid of this.  So we have to call in the tie breaker.  Pokemon, choose Digi's most squeamish member.  Same thing Digi-tribe.

Digimon team points at Misty, and Pokemon team chooses Mimi.  Both of the girls switch spots with some team mates so that they can face each other.

Star Otaku:  Now, both of you have to eat TWO Weedle sections, and the first one to eat them wins for their team.

Mimi and Misty size each other up and grab a hold of one piece.  Both seem to be holding back, but Misty finally breaks loose and stuffs both of them in her mouth and gulps.  Mimi, stares in amazement, since she hasn't done anything yet.

Star Otaku:  Well, I guess our winner this time is Misty.  Pokemon tribe gets immunity.

Star Otaku hands Ash the immunity idol, which he waves around triumphantly.  She then turns to the Digimon team.

Star Otaku:  I'm sorry.  You lost today's competition, so you all have to go back to camp and pack up.  Tonight, we'll have the tribal council, so you have all afternoon to think of who will be chosen.

All of them march glumly back to their camp, getting ready for the night to come.

Star Otaku:  Now, Pokemon tribe, you guys can go back to your camp and celebrate!

As Star Otaku leaves, the Pokemon tribe whoops loudly, celebrating their victory as they take their trek through the jungle.

It's night time on File Island, and the Digimon team is making their trek through the vast environments of the island.  After crossing the bridge over the hot springs, they all reach the base of Infinity Mountain, to see that there is a crude wooden sitting area around a bonfire.

Joe looks around and sees that there is a gong waiting to the side of the fire.  He picks up the handle and knocks it against the gong, creating a loud crashing sound.

Star Otaku:  *steps out to greet them* Here you all are, now take your seats.

All of them sit down.  In front of each of them is a glowing digivice, and on the tiny glowing screen is their crest.  This is what each of their corresponding crest is, according to their seating plan (left to right):
Matt- Friendship
TK- Hope
Kari- Light
Sora- Love
Joe- Reliability
Izzy- Knowledge
Mimi- Sincerity

Star Otaku:  I know that this isn't going to be an easy decision.  Now over there *points to a cave* is our confessional booth.  You write the name, clearly, of who you're voting for, say your peace if you have to, and be on your way.  Matt, would you like to go first?

Matt reluctantly gets up and goes into the cave.  The inside of the cave is small, and there is a torch hanging over a table with pieces of paper, a pen, and a box.

Matt:  *write the name and holds it up* Mimi.  I know she's tried to do her best, but I guess she can't take the changes on the island.  I'm sure she'll be happy to get out of this place. *puts paper in box and leaves*

TK and Kari are seen doing their writing, putting the paper in the box, and then leaving.

Tai:  *writes the name and holds it up* Mimi.  I'm sure the team would be much stronger without her.  She was mostly yakking about how much she wanted to get out of here.  I'm doing her favour. *puts paper in box and leaves*

Sora:  *writes the name and holds it up* Mimi.  She wanted it, she's got it. *puts paper in box and leaves*

Joe and then Izzy are seen doing their writing, putting the paper in the box, and then leaving.

Mimi:  *writes the name and holds it up* Me.  It isn't illegal to vote for yourself, is it?  Anyways, they rest of this would have been easier if we didn't have to put up with those rats and snakes.  I would have preferred a pack of Numemon compared to this.  I'm sure everyone will do much better without me anyways. *puts name in box* *takes the box with her as she leaves*

Mimi is seen coming out of the cave.  She hands the Box to Star Otaku and then takes her seat.

Star Otaku:  Thank you, Mimi.  Now that everyone has made their vote, I'll go and tally them up.

Star Otaku opens up the box and reaches inside.  Everyone is silent as the suspense of who the first name will be.

Star Otaku:  *pulls out paper* Mimi.

Mimi looks nervously around at everyone.

Star Otaku:  *pulls out paper* Mimi.

The process continues as each of the votes are read.  All of the votes read are for Mimi.

Star Otaku:  Well, Mimi.  You've won by a landslide.  Please bring up your digivice.

Mimi complies to the instructions.  She grabs the glowing digivice and hands it to Star Otaku.  She holds it out in her hand.

Star Otaku:  The tribe has spoken.

Star Otaku presses a button on the digivice.  It stops glowing and the screen goes dark.

Star Otaku:  Please leave now.

Mimi:  Go get them guys! *giggles then leaves*

Star Otaku:  A defeat that was taken quite well.  You better get back camp, or you can stay here for as long as you want.

Mimi's Final Words:

I finally got what I wanted!  I can finally go to the mall and take a shower too!

Although, I do feel bad that I caused my team's loss.  And I was starting to enjoy the place, it was kinda like a romantic fantasy.  Stranded on a deserted island with a cute boy!

I just hope that they can do well without me, so good luck to them, and I know that everyone out there loves me anyways!

End of Episode 2

Author's Additional Notes: Well, I like this episode the way it is, even though it was kinda short.  Comments and flames can go to me at: radv-smina@rocketmail.com