Disclaimer: I don't own Pokemon or Digimon or their characters, they respectfully belong to the money-grubbing corporations that created them.  I also don't own Survivor or its concept, it belongs to CBS.

Author's Notes: I thought, "Hey!  Digimon and Pokemon have a bunch of kids that are living on their own in the wilderness, so why not get them on my version of the show?"  Well, after some thorough research, I finally finished the first episode.  I warn you that I will alternate between script and descriptive writing.  Here's a key on what to expect:

we are seeing what's happing to the other team:

there is a change in day: ***

when team members have the little "talk" in front of the camera: {}

Enjoy the first episode of:

Anime Survivor!   Episode 1

Day 1

The Pokemon team is making their way to the eastern beach of File Island.

Ash and his friends are comfortably riding on Lapras' back while Gary is sitting pretty on his Wartortle [I don't know if that's his pokemon, oh well.] and Team Rocket is unhappily dog-paddling behind them.

Attached behind Lapras is a raft with the group's belongings and preliminary supplies: food, rope, hammocks, wire, axes, knives, etc.

James:  *whining* Jesse!  Why didn't you bring some kind of water pokemon?!

Jesse:  Quit your whining!  Just keep swimming!

Meowth:  Hey!  As a cat, I find this to be quite degrading!

Ash:  *covers his ears* When are we gonna get to that island?  I'm tired of listening to them whine all the time!

Misty:  Well, it's no walk in the park with you too!

Brock:  Hey!  Everyone, calm down.  Remember, we're all going to have to learn how to get along.  If we give them a hand, maybe they'll stop complaining and we'll all learn how to be a team.  *yelling* Hey!  Team Rocket!  Why don't you guys take a break and grab on to the raft?

Team Rocket stops swimming and dejectedly nod their heads.  Exhausted, they swim and hold onto the edge of the raft.

Gary:  Quit lagging behind!  We gotta get to that island before that other group makes it!  But I don't think we'll be able to get there on time anyways with a bunch of losers on this team!

Ash:  *muttering* I'm voting him off the first chance I get.

Tracey:  Oh boy!  An island that could possibly be filled with new pokemon!  Every pokemon watcher's dream come true!  Next to meeting Professor Oak, that is.

Brock:  *muttering* I'm voting him off the first chance I get.

The Digimon team are sailing for the western end of File Island.

All of the Digidestined are riding on Ikkakumon's back.  A raft full of their supplies and possessions is being towed behind the massive digimon.

Tai:  This competition is going to be piece of cake.  I mean, we already know the lay of the land, and we've already survived each other!

Joe:  Don't be too sure of yourself, Tai.  Remember those little "pokemon" things they told us about?  It means the island could be full of new digimon.

Tai:  Hey, all I remember was them telling us that those things are pretty much harmless.

Izzy:  I don't know.  I've done a little research on the new species that we'll be encountering.  It seems that although they are relatively harmless, they are relatively like poisonous snakes and rats.  And without us using our digimon for a while, we're pretty much fair game with the other team.

Mimi:  Rats?!  Snakes?!  Eew!  I wanna go home!  I didn't want to do this, I just want to go to the mall!

Sora:  Don't worry Mimi.  All we have to do is win each competition, and we'll get closer to leaving this place.

Mimi:  Well then, lose the first competition so you can vote me off the first chance you get!

The Digidestined begin laughing as they near the island.

The Pokemon team is already on shore, trying to relax and set up camp.

Ash:  Do you guys think we should set up camp here?  We don't really know that much about the land.

Brock:  Don't worry, we have a map.  And from what I can tell, the forest right behind us is similar to the one on Professor Ivy's island.

Misty:  Are you sure?  I mean, we all know how our luck is with maps.

Tracey:  If you guys want, I'll go into the forest and I'll sketch us a new map.  Living on the beach is the easy part, we've done it before in the Orange Archipelago.

The four of them still continue with the planning.  James and Meowth watch them.  James turns his head to see Jesse sitting in the shade, fixing herself up.  He walks up to her.

Jesse:  *holds up mirror* Look at what this humidity is doing to my beautiful hair!

James:  Jesse, c'mon.  Quit looking at that mirror and help us set up!

Jesse:  Why should I help you and the twerps?

James:  Because if you don't, you won't last a day here.  And even if you do, you won't get past the first tribal meeting.

Jesse:  Fine.

Jesse joins the others in planning out what their first step to do should be.

Gary, on the other hand, is sitting under a tree, and he smirks as he is watching them as they work.

{Ash:  I'm not too happy with working together with Team Rocket and Gary.  I know I've got a lot against them.  Team Rocket tried to steal Pikachu and has put me a my friends through all sorts of danger.  As for Gary, well, it's a really big rivalry between us.  I'm sure that he's going to take every chance he gets to show everyone that he's better than me.}

{James:  I don't think it's going to be easy working with those twerps.  It's hard not to hold a grudge against the kids that have foiled your evil schemes and your moments of glory and beauty.  I'd personally like to vote off the kid, Ash, but for now, I have my sights set on that other brat, Gary.  It seems that in the long run, he's not going to make a contribution to the team at all.}

{Gary:  Listen, I'm not as happy as they are that we're all stuck together.  I personally have nothing against Team Rocket or Ash's friends.  I'm just after Ash.  It's the whole rivalry thing.  But I'm sure that I'm going to beat him, again!  I'm going to prove to the world what a loser he is!  Ha!}

Misty:  Gary!  Quit lying around and help us!

Ash:  Yeah!  We've got to work together, you know!

Gary:  I can do just fine without your help!  I can win this whole thing by myself!

Misty, Ash, and the rest of the group sweatdrop then roll their eyes at what Gary has said.

The Digimon team is quickly surveying their surroundings on the beach.

All of them are planning what to do for setting up their camp.

Izzy:  Doesn't this place look familiar?

Kari:  What do you mean?

Tai:  Kari, you weren't there.  But this is the same beach where we first saw those telephone booths!

Kari:  Oh.

TK:  Don't worry Kari.  I remember that there was a forest near this place.

Matt:  That's right TK.  We're going to set up camp near the forest.  That way, we get the trees for shelter and food, and we get the water for bathing and cooking.

Sora:  I don't think that salt water is good for drinking.  Remember, there was a stream by the forest.  We can get our bathing and cooking done there.

Kari and TK:  Can we help?

Joe:  Sorry.  I don't know if you kids can handle all of the work.  Why don't you two unload our bags?

TK and Kari sadly go to the raft of belongings and sit on top of the pile, watching the older kids do the work.

TK:  Kari?

Kari:  Yeah?

TK:  We're the youngest, and they treat us like we can't do anything.

{TK:  I remember when I escaped from Puppetmon, all by myself!  But I guess they don't remember.  Everyone except Matt.  If I can win Patamon back, I'm sure they won't vote me off!  But for sure I won't vote Kari off, she's too nice.}

Kari:  I know.

TK:  Let's not vote each other off, okay?

Kari:  Sure!  But let's not vote off our brothers too.

{Kari:  I know we have to vote everyone else off of this place, but I don't think I can bring myself to do it.  I'd sure like to help out if they let me.  And if helping them out means getting voted off myself, I guess I'll have to do it.}

TK:  Okay!

TK and Kari shake hands and say, "Deal!"

The sky begins to turn orange, red, and purple as sunset is coming upon the island.

Soon, it turns into night, and we see nocturnal footage of each team trying to sleep on the beach as the Ekans and Rattata roam the sand and explore around their supplies and belongings.


*    *    *


Day 2

Everyone on the Digimon team are awake bright and early, they seem to be still tired.

{Mimi:  Last night was horrible!  I mean, all night, I could hear the squeaking of "Rattata!  Rattata!" and then there was the icky hissing of "Ekans!"  I would just die if one those things found their way into my clothes!  And it was so cold.  I think what we need is fire, and then the rest of our problems will be solved.}

{Izzy:  Well, yesterday was not what I expected it to be.  It wasn't prodigious!  I mean, I don't even have my computer with me!  I guess I have to research these new animals the old-fashioned way.  Right now, I have to make the assumption that these animals are repelled by fire, like all normal animals.  As normal as you can get around here.  So the first thing on my list is fire.}

The Digidestined are standing around the beach, gathering dry wood for kindling.  They have put the wood into a pile and are trying to light it.  They've tried rubbing two sticks together, but that hasn't worked.

Tai:  This would be so much easier if Agumon were here.

Matt:  Tell me about it.  I mean, all of our digimon have the power to start a fire.

Joe:  Too bad Ikkakumon just dropped us off here.  If only he and the others could have stayed.  Phew!

Joe takes off his glasses and begins cleaning them on his shirt.  As he holds them up to the light to see if they're spotless, a reflection of sunlight gleams off the glass and flashes in everyone's eyes.  Izzy's eyes widen as an idea comes to him.

Izzy:  We could use Joe's glasses to start a fire!

Joe:  Huh?

Tai:  Yeah!  I know just what to do!

Tai grabs Joe's glasses, although Joe tries to keep them out of his reach.  Tai, with the glasses in hand, bends down near the pile of wood.  He picks up a rock and is about to strike the glasses so that they will create a spark, but Izzy grabs them from him.

Izzy:  Tai!  You don't start a fire like that!  You're just as careless with Joe's glasses as you were with my computer.

Matt:  I get it!  You use it like a magnifying glass trying to fry a bunch of ants.

Izzy:  Exactly.

Izzy bends down near the wood and moved the glasses around so that one lens will concentrate a ray of light.  After a few minutes of watching and waiting, the wood begins to smoke and finally catches fire.  Everyone steps back in surprise as the rest of the kindling catches on fire.

Izzy:  Prodigious!

{Joe:  It's great knowing that I somehow helped the group get fire.  I mean, we really need it.  Izzy was explaining to us how important it is for us, and let me say, I want those pests to keep away from us.  I guess everyone has the same feeling.  Before, we could take the Numemon, and it just as long as we stayed away from them or kept Mimi away from them.  But now, with these new digimon, or pokemon, whatever, we all have to keep up with the Pokemon group.  They're much more familiar with them than we are.  From here, it's all fair game.}

We see that the Pokemon team has already made a few attempts at trying to start a fire, but they are unsuccessful.

Ash:  I give up!  We need Charmander.

Brock:  I've tried carving out something that will help us get some fire.  It works kinda like rubbing two sticks together, but we don't get to do as much work it.

Tracey:  Great idea!  I better get this down on paper so that we can take records of our discoveries here.

Tracey sits down in front of Brock and begins to do some of his drawing as the men, and the women, take turns trying to get the device to work.

{Brock:  It was really hard trying to get fire.  I mean, all of us contributed, even Gary!  But Tracey just sat there and kept on drawing.  Okay, so he gave us a new map.  But if I could, I'd take his sketchbook and use it for fuel.  I mean, we can remember these things just fine by ourselves, we don't need an island log.}

{Tai:  It's only been two days, and it seems that everything has changed.  The land is still the same, but with the creatures and the nature that we're up against, it's going to be a bit tougher trying to win those bragging rights.  I know that as the leader, I'm too important to get kicked off.  And besides, we were split up before, I have total confidence that we each can survive on our own.}

{Sora:  I don't have some kind of scheme to stay on the island.  I'd like to play it safe, contribute as much as I can, and if I have to go, then so be it.  Even though I'm gone, I can still count on the others to make it through for us.  Right now, I'd like to stay as long as I can, and as long as I'm needed.}

{Mimi:  To be really honest, I'd like to get off as soon as possible.  I just hope the team can win without me.  Actually, I'm sure they can!  Yeah!  Go team digi!  If I get off early, I don't think that I need that title to prove that I'm the best character.  I know that everyone loves me with or without it!}

The whole group is seen swimming together in the sea, but staying close to the shore, in case Seadramon or any other ocean dwelling threat may appear.

Later that day, they are all working together to build some kind of suitable shack to shelter them.

{Ash:  I'd like to try to win this thing any way I can.  I mean, I don't know if I can do it without Pikachu, but I'm sure going to try for him!  I'm still a bit uncomfortable with Team Rocket around, but we've done it before.  Like when we were on the St. Anne and when we were stuck at sea for days!  I'd rather have Team Rocket than Gary around.}

{Meowth:  I'd like to win this contest by any means possible.  And I'd be happy to bump off the twerps, the brat, and those two knuckleheads to win the prize.  Everyone knows that this show is the best, and it's even better 'cuz I'm in it!}

{Jesse:  I'm willing to win.  Even if I have to get rid of James and Meowth.  I know that's bad, but I'm the baddest of Team Rocket, so I have to prove my worth!}

The scene shows Brock, James, and Ash working on building a shelter while Jesse, Meowth, and Gary sit in the shade and Misty swims around the water.

Gary:  Hey, you two!

Jesse:  Hm?  What do you want, brat?

Gary:  I know just how much of a grudge you guys hold against Ashy-boy.  I've got a deal for you.

Meowth:  A deal huh?

Gary:  Yeah, for our next vote, all you guys have to do is vote him off.  From there, everything is going to be easy pickings.

Meowth:  And once that's over with, it's every man for himself.

Jesse:  No thanks.

Meowth and Jesse shrug and return to relaxing.

It's nighttime again, and we see some more scenes of nocturnal activity.


*    *    *


Day 3

It's around noon time for the Pokemon camp, and they seen to be steadily working: building a shelter/boat/ect. or finding food for lunch.

Brock goes to a tree in which a bamboo tube is hanging.  He looks inside to find a rolled piece of parchment inside.  He is suddenly seen running down the beach with a rolled piece of paper in his hand.

Brock:  *yelling* Guys!  Guys!  Message!

The others perk up and gather around Brock as he reads the message to them.

It's also around noon time for the Digimon group, and they are also hard at work on innovations for their survival.

Joe goes to a tree in which a bamboo tube is hanging.  He looks inside to find a rolled piece of parchment inside.  He is suddenly seen running down the beach with a rolled piece of paper in his hand.

Joe:  *yelling* Hey everyone!  We have a challenge this afternoon!

The Digidestined crowd around Joe to see what the message is.

The message is now in Ash's hands and everyone is reading over his shoulder.

Misty:  So tonight we meet with the other team and take up a challenge against them.  From the hints they've given us, its got something to do with water.

Ash:  And the reward is the chance to use-

Tai:  -a fire pokemon/digimon, according to the respective team along with immunity.

Sora:  And the losing team receives a tribal council.  Well, everyone better get into their bathing suits.

Both teams are marching down a narrow beach in their swimsuits.  Set up are two rows of unlit torches between to two floating platforms (which Agumon and Charizard are standing on) and an extremely large fire statue with its "arms" stretched out.  In each "hand" of the statue are pans.

Star Otaku is standing in front of the base of the statue with an immunity idol in her hands.

Star Otaku:  Hello everyone!  Welcome to your challenge today.  I'm sure you all know what to do.

The groups nod their heads wearily.

Star Otaku:  Now you all know the prize is the chance to have fire for your tribe, along with immunity.  Well, for those who don't know, you all have to work together to swim out to those platforms on the water on which those fire digimon or pokemon are resting.  Now, when you finally get a hold of those platforms, you have to bring them all the way back here, while lighting the rest of the torches along the way.  The first one to light all the torches and get here first wins the use of their pokemon or digimon for fire.  No cheating by using simultaneous flame attacks.  All right, get into your groups.

The groups split up to the side and are ready to make the run.  Star Otaku gives the signal and they set off.

Both teams make a big splash in the water and try to run/swim in the water.

[Bear with me, I can't write good action, so just use your imaginations with the information that I give.]

Joe, Matt, Tai, and Sora are in the lead while Mimi, Izzy, Kari, and TK are trying to catch up with them.  But it's mostly a contest between Matt and Tai.

Tai:  C'mon everyone!  Try to catch up!

Everyone is still trying to frantically swim to to finally meet up at the floating platform.  Tai and Matt are waiting for everyone to get there.

The Pokemon team seem to be swimming evenly, although Gary and Ash are leading the pack.  But now it's mainly a contest between the two for leadership.  While both Ash and Gary are competing, Misty slips past them and reaches the platform first.  Soon enough, everyone gets there.

So now we see that both teams have reached the platforms and they have all grabbed on each end, trying to drag it along with them to shore.

As each team passes each torch, Agumon/Charmander releases a breath of fire.  The Digimon team is taking the lead while the Pokemon team members are somewhat struggling with the hold of the platform since they are visibly uncooperative.

Gary:  Everyone!  Swim faster!  Just follow my lead!

Jesse:  Who died and made you the chief?!

Misty:  We don't have time for petty arguments, just keep going!

The Digimon team is the first to reach shore, and light all of the torches on the land.  When they reach the base of the fire statue, Agumon aims upward and shoots his Pepper Breath at one of the pans in the statue's hands.  The contents in the pan immediately catch fire and blaze brightly in front of the victorious crew.

The Pokemon team finally manages to finish lighting all of their torches and let Charmander light the pan.  They seem to be taking their defeat hard.

Star Otaku:  Good job you guys.  The win, and the reward of Agumon, goes to the Digimon tribe.  You guys have received immunity.

Star Otaku hands Tai the immunity idol, which he waves around triumphantly.  She then turns to the Pokemon team.

Star Otaku:  I'm sorry.  You lost today's competition, so you all have to go back to camp and pack up.  Tonight, we'll have the tribal council, so you have all afternoon to think of who will be chosen.

All of them march glumly back to their camp, getting ready for the night to come.

Star Otaku:  Now, Digimon tribe, you guys can stay here and celebrate if you want.  You now have fire and an old friend.

Agumon:  Tai!  It's great to finally see you again!

Tai:  I missed you too, Agumon!

As Star Otaku leaves, the Digimon tribe dance and whoop wildly, celebrating their victory.

All the members of the Pokemon team are seen packing their bags.

Jesse:  I don't see what all the point is in packing.

Tracey:  You never know Jesse, you could be the first one voted off the island.

Jesse:  How dare you say that!  For we know, it could be you, you layabout!

Misty:  You're one to talk!  I haven't seen you lift a finger since we got here!

James:  What about you?  You spent most of your time playing in the water while I worked!

Meowth:  Yeah, some work.  I see it didn't do anything for your athletic ability.  You slowed us down during the game!

James:  Who was mostly whining that he didn't want salt water in his fur?

Soon, more accusations and blame are thrown around and everyone erupts into a bickering mess.

Brock:  *yelling* Enough!  Can't we just have some dignity before we find out who gets kicked off?

Everyone becomes somber and quiet at what Brock just said.  They continue to quietly pack and make their preparations.

It's night time on File Island, and the Pokemon team is making their trek through the vast environments of the island.  After crossing the bridge over the hot springs, they all reach the base of Infinity Mountain, to see that there is a crude wooden sitting area around a bonfire.

Tracey looks around and sees that there is a gong waiting to the side of the fire.  He picks up the handle and knocks it against the gong, creating a loud crashing sound.

Star Otaku:  *steps out to greet them* Here you all are, now take your seats.

All of them sit down.  In front of each of them is an open pokeball, with a little figurine of their trademark pokemon.  This is what each of their corresponding pokemon figurine is, according to their seating plan (left to right):
Misty- Starmie
Brock- Onix
Tracey- Marril
James- Weezing
Jesse- Arbok
Meowth- Meowth
Gary's figurine is unseen, but we do see that his pokeball is open. 

Star Otaku:  I know that this isn't going to be an easy decision.  Now over there *points to a cave* is our confessional booth.  You write the name, clearly, of who you're voting for, say your peace if you have to, and be on your way.  Ash, would you like to go first?

Ash reluctantly gets up and goes into the cave.  The inside of the cave is small, and there is a torch hanging over a table with pieces of paper, a pen, and a box.

Ash:  *write the name and holds it up* Gary.  He's been making the past three days really difficult for me.  Even during the competition, he was trying to get ahead of me, and we're on the same team!  I just think it would be better if he left. *puts paper in box and leaves*

Misty is seen doing her writing and then putting the paper in the box.

Brock:  *writes the name and holds it up* Gary.  As much as I'd like to vote Tracey off, I'd have to go for Gary first.  He's just been annoying and acting like the king of the island while we all have to serve him. *puts paper in box and leaves*

Tracey and then James are seen doing their writing, putting the paper in the box, and then leaving.

Jesse:  *writes the name and holds it up* Gary.  His attitude, it's just, well, ugh.  I don't think it's normal to be that boastful and arrogant. *puts paper in box and leaves*

Meowth is seen doing his writing, putting the paper in the box and then leaving.

Gary:  *writes the name and holds it up* Ash.  Look at him, then look at me.  We could all do without him.  I mean, what do we need that little whiney kid for?  And this another chance for me to prove myself better than him and everyone else! *puts name in box* *takes the box with him as he leaves*

Gary is seen coming out of the cave.  He hands the Box to Star Otaku and then takes his seat.  

Star Otaku:  Thank you, Gary.  Now that everyone has made their vote, I'll go and tally them up.

Star Otaku opens up the box and reaches inside.  Everyone is silent as the suspense of who the first name will be.

Star Otaku:  *pulls out paper* Ash.

Ash looks nervously around at everyone.

Star Otaku:  *pulls out paper* Gary.

Gary looks smug.  He's confident that there are other names to be announced.

The process continues as each of the votes are read.  The rest of the votes read are all for Gary.

Star Otaku:  Well, Gary.  It's unanimous.  Please bring up your pokeball.

Gary complies to the instructions.  He grabs the open pokeball and hands it to Star Otaku.  She holds it out in her hand.

Star Otaku:  The tribe has spoken. *closes pokeball* Please leave now.

Gary:  So long losers! *smirks then leaves*

Star Otaku:  That was taken quite well, don't you think?

Everyone sweatdrops.

Gary's Final Words:

Well, it was fun while it lasted.  Not!  It's great to finally get away from those losers!  I couldn't wait to get away from them since day one.  But I'm sure that they wouldn't last another day without me, so I'm kinda glad about that.  If only they came around and voted Ash off.

And as for winning that best character thing, I don't need it.  I know that not only am I the best, I'm the greatest!

Now, it's time for me to get back to civilization and to finally get back to my girls and my pokemon journey!  I just hope that I didn't catch loseritis!

End of Episode 1

Author's Additional Notes:  I hope you enjoyed the first episode.  I'll continue it as long as I get the right feedback and reviews.  Now, if you guys remember that thing with obtaining fire for the Digimon team, you'll remember that that was how Nelson got fire for the kids.  That Simpsons tidbit was my little tribute to Kenji Kotaro!  I'm going to have a bit of trouble on doing Episode 2, I missed it.