Kug is just another word for fucking.
Number of Boards We've Been Kicked Out of: 3 and counting!

For those of you who don't know what CrapBoardia is, it is the infamous spinoff from The Absolutely Evil Shrine to Dark Koushiro... or something like that. ^_^

Where Digimon characters (and other anime characters) are bastardized beyond recognition!  But they're not just isolated in our town, there are many original residents, I among them.

I'd provide a permanent link, but since we don't know when's the next time we're getting kicked out, here's our current one!

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CrapBoardian Art

Star Otaku
Girls and Their Bishies - The first group pic of Shinju and I with our baked bishies.  We just threw them together in a pot, did a little magic, and voila!  Perfect boyfriends.  But that was back in the summer of 2001, and a lot has changed since then.
Juri and Puppy - For a little while, my foster child was Juri Katou, and her demonic puppy puppet, er, Puppy.  A display of my picture editting skills.
OSA Week Promotional Pictures (1/2) - Some funny pictures I put together for the holiday that everyone knows and loves for the second week of May! ^_^
Theef! - A picture of how Taichi perceives me.
Phillipe - After being inspired by Shinju Meg Uchuno and the male version of herself (Jack), I thought I'd give my character her own Ranma-esque twist.  The writing on his hoodie says, "Here comes a special boy!" and is taken from the original Phillipe of Achewood.
Two Sides - A side by side picture of Star and Phillipe.

Shinju Meg Uchuno
Bishoujo Potion
- What happens when the Geeky Shinju makes the unwitting Bishies her guinea pigs?