The Harem of Kawaii Blue-Haired Bishoujo!

They're smart, they're sassy, they're sweet, and they're sexy.  They come in many forms, but I believe them to be the sweetest type of anime girl of all.  That's right, they're my favourite aspect of anime: cute blue-haired girls!

Or as they're cleverly nick-named, bluenettes.

Why the colour blue?  Blue, when applied to emotions, is calm and fluid, like water.  To be as deep as the ocean, with many feelings hidden and lying beneath.  Feelings that can be still or turbulent.  Blue represents spiritual purity and devotion, while intellectually it represents wisdom.  Blue auras are powerful, protective, and nurturing.  But blue is sometimes seen as an aloof and cold colour, signifying depression, sadness, loneliness, and isolation.

There are many shades of blue, dark to light, and each one carries different connotations.  Just like each of these girls are different.

Now that the introduction is done, scroll down and see the lovelies currently in the collection.  Warning, there might be spoilers from their respective series in their descriptions.


Sailor Mercury
(AKA Ami Mizuno)

Sailor Moon

Ami is one of the rare bishoujo to actually enjoy being in the harem...

Everyone knows her to be the smart and shy bookworm Ami Mizuno, and also as the strong defensive scout of water and ice, Sailor Mercury.
She may be two different people at once, but her caring and intelligent personality always shines through.
[Props go to Chromus for the rest of the description!]
Without a doubt, she is the saint of the scouts.  She is by far the least boy crazy (and because of that, she's also the only one who gets a boyfriend in the early series), is so caring, and despite her seen by many as the 'weakest' of the scouts, this is debatable.  There are many types of strength, and the strength of Ami's heart is as strong as any attack she can deal with.
Ami's skills with her super computer have helped out the scouts on more than one occasion, and whilst she may be not as socially active as the other scouts, she is getting there thanks to her friends.


Akane Tendou

Ranma 1/2

Uh oh, looks like Akane doesn't like strangers... No Akane, they're not peeping toms... RUN!

Tomboy, martial artist, piglet keeper, uncute, jerk-hater, bad cook... Whatever you say, the jury is still out on her true feelings for Ranma (and actual hair colour...) ^_^
Akane used to have long hair, but lost it all to a bad haircut done by one of her pursuing suitors, Ryoga.  The poor boy only wanted to impress her... Speaking of which, she also has a pet black piglet which she has named P-chan.  How Ryoga and P-chan fit together, you figure it out.
The most popular girl in Furinkan High, she is the heir apparent of the Anything Goes Martial Arts Dojo and the reluctant fiancée of one Ranma Saotome.
Akane has quite the temper when provoked, but aside from that, she's usually a nice and agreeable girl.

Miss Deep
(AKA Nancy Makuhari)

Read Or Die

Looks like we've caught Miss Deep during a mission.  Hope we haven't blown her cover!

Miss Deep, Nancy Makuhari.  Two (3 if you've seen the entire OVA) aliases for one woman.  But of course, she would need them since she is a top spy for the Royal British Library (DIET).
Her partner is Yomiko Readman (AKA The Paper), the book absorbed bibliophile with the power to manipulate paper.
MIss Deep's power is the ability to phase deep into and through matter, like Kitty Pryde of the X-Men.  Personality wise, she's the opposite of her partner: cunning, serious, and agile.
But then again, that's what makes her part of the perfect team, right?
Like her code name implies, there's much more to this woman than meets the eye, for like the perfect spy, she conceals her true self and therefore, where her allegiance lies.
Remember the old saying: "Still waters run silent, run deep."

Shinobu Maehara

Love Hina

Don't mind them Shinobu!  Ah, you must forgive her, she's a little shy around strangers...

This sweet flower is the young resident of Hinatasou.  She's your atypical all around sweet girl: shy, quiet, nurturing and caring.
Of course, she would display such qualities in her residence, where she loves to help clean and cook for her fellow dorm mates.  As well as blush and crush over the dorm manager, Keitaro Urashima.
At times she may seem naive and childish, but Shinobu shows great maturity, especially when it comes to not getting caught up in the Keitaro lynch mob. ^_^


Love Hina (Spring Special)

Oh dear, it looks like Nyamo is shy too... We'll move along soon.

Now, Nyamo may look like Shinobu, one might even assume them to be sisters, but they are not.
Although, they are quite alike in personality, but Nyamo has taken it to the extreme.  She doesn't talk much, she's very quiet and shy.  And she mostly focuses on a promise (which seems to be a major theme in Love Hina).
Nyamo's only family is her grandfather, who disappeared in the search for the ancient turtle civilization Paralantis.
A native to the island of Pararakerusu, she has the strange power of controlling turtles with her enchanting song.

Mahoro Ando


Maybe Mahoro will be a little more accomodating to our guests.

[Special thanks to Artful for Mahoro's description.]
Formerly the gun-toting, world-saving combat android of the super-secret organization Vesper, Mahoro has ended her time as a warrior and enjoys her retirement as a maid, wishing for world peace and bigger breasts.
Often seen fluffing laundry or walking the dog, everyone loves her exacting politeness and simple elegance.
But don't think she's gone soft in her old age of four.  Woe betide the young man whose hidden cache she

Rei Ayanami

Neon Genesis Evangelion

It seems like Rei is in a happy mood.

Rei is the bluest of blue - cold, isolated, and aloof.  She shows very little emotion and almost seems baffled by them.
She is the First Child, pilot of EVA 00.  She is a soldier in NERV's war against the Angels.
Not much can be said about this mysterious and quiet girl without giving too much away of Evangelion.
What can be said is that she holds a very important role in the series.  Maybe as a key to the fate of mankind and their war on God?

Sherrice Adjourni


Don't worry Sherrice, the guests aren't Native Alters.  You can shake their hands now.

Sherrice is another soldier in another war.  She is an Alter user working for the organization HOLY, and their mission is to regain lost ground against "rogue" native Alter users and rehabilitate them into society.
She's dedicated to her duties, and does so with a smile along with a few encouraging words to her fellow elite.  Especially towards her partner, Ryuhou... ^_~
But that doesn't mean she isn't serious about her work.  She's willing to stand her ground for HOLY and her loyalty to them.  Her Alter ability, Eternal Devout, will see to it.

Anna Reispegi

Battle Athletes Victory

Oh Anna, I know you're quite excited, but you should show your pretty blue eyes too!

[Special thanks to Chromus for this lovely girl.]
A trademark bluenette.  She is cute, shy, sweet and a great cook.  As she lives in the year 4999, she's probably a long distant relative of Shinobu. :)
She is pretty nervous around Akari and Kris, her two teammates (with a teammate like Kris, it's no surprise) but she's the smart one of the three, knows strategies and is still quite athletic.  However, to the surprise of many, she also has a slightly dark side...

NOTE: There are two Anna's: the OVA version and the TV version.  This is from the TV version because in the OVA version... er... well... she is actually a boy...

Aoi Sakuraba

Ai Yori Aoshi

Aoi is true blue - devoted and ready to please!

[Credit it to Chromus for this Shinobu look-alike.]
Aoi is the heiress to a traditional kimono making conglomerate, and since she was a child, she was betrothed to the son of a family that owned a sandal making corporation.  When they got married, it would be a merger of their two families and their businesses.
Knowing only of her promise to be this boy's wife, she grew up learning to become the perfect traditional wife, and waited only for him.
The meaning of true blue can be found in this girl.  She is hopelessly devoted to this boy she practically doesn't know, going so far as to leave her sheltered life in search of him.  When she does find him, he's a poor student, leaving his family and his inheritance.  But being the kind of girl she is, she decides to move in with him... Does the plot suddenly sound repetitive?


Magical Nyan Nyan Taruto

Maybe Taruto can snap up some sweets... after she masters her fledgeling powers.

Long ago, the magical cat kingdom had a civil war, involving its two most powerful royal families.  The Kinka family, though strong in magic, was not able to stop themselves from losing, and so, they sent their only daughter into hiding.
Taruto has just moved into a new town with her family and speedily makes friends, also amazing them with her magical abilities.  Only Taruto and a handful of other cats in town practice magic.  Could she be the lost Kinka princess?
Taruto is a young cat who loves being with her owner, Iori, eating sweets, and helping others.  One of her quirks is that she adds, "-nyamo" or "-nya" to the end of her sentences.


Sister Princess

Aria is the joint youngest of the imouto clan. She comes from France and is always carrying an umbrella. She speaks very slowly and calls her brother 'Niiya'. Her nature is slightly spoiled and she loves sweets, but she is so innocent and cute, you want to pick her up and give her a hug. Like all the imoutos, she's fond of her big brother.



If any of you spy any more blue-haired bishoujo to add to the collection, e-mail me.

Requirements for your suggestion to make it into the harem (aside from blue-hair and female) is that:
• a picture of must be included
• a link to a site/character shrine of them is provided

There is one restriction to making it in here, cause you know we can't just let any blue-haired shoujo in here, and that is:
• hair mustn't exceed shoulder length; if long, hair must be tied back (ie. Nyamo, Mahoro)