Animethon 11 - Sunday

Nothing interested me more than the Anime Improv.  This year, the same bakas who put together the anime improv had expanded and put together their own little troupe: The 404s.  I dragged sempai with me to see the Anime Improv event since they were growing more and more in popularity.  The 404s had already taken SakuraCon by storm this year, even managing to drag in VAs Scott McNeil and Mike Dobson in on the action!

As one can see, the anticipation for the Anime Improv was great as I have another big line shot, courtesy of sempai and his great height advantage over me! ^_^

No Anime Improv is complete without starting on the Fireman Song!  (From left to right: Brendan, Dan, Ian, Mark)
Mark: "My father was a fireman..."
All: "And he puts out fires."
Ian: "My mother was a fireman..."
All: "And she puts out fires."
Dan: "My brother was a fireman..."
All: "And she puts out fires."
Brendan: "My sister is a fireman's friend..."
All: "And she puts out... humm..."

Two Line Vocabulary game.  Scenario: Magical quest type anime where Brendan is the leader and Lara and Ian are his faithful companions.  They are about to enter a cursed tomb that holds great treasure.

Brendan: "Okay... You go into the cursed tomb first."
Lara: "I'm not doing that."
Brendan: "Fine... I'll get him to do it then."
Ian: "What would you do?"
Lara: "When are we gonna eat?"
Brendan: "We already ate!"
Ian: "I'm loving this!"

Another casualty of improv...

Our beloved MC Mark with a special contraption this year... the multi-purpose box!  A buzzer and doorbell in one!
Mark: "Scenes from a hat.  Pokemon meets the Crocodile Hunter."

Lara: "We've got to be quiet when approaching the precocious Jigglypuff..."

Ian: "Crikey!  It's a beautiful sheila of a Pikachu!  Hafta grab it quickly!"

Brendan and Ian: "We are running to the dealer's room!"
Wait... crap.  Same recycled joke from last year.  Lemme fix that.
Brendan and Ian: "Special mecha synchronization sequence!"

Mark: "Okay, Lara and Ian, you are sushi chefs who are caught in a fire in your sushi shop.  Brendan, you are the fireman that comes in to rescue them.  And you are all going to play this scene with intense lust!"
Ian: "Man... it's is so hot... won't someone save us?"
Brendan: "Let me put down my big hose..."
Lara: "Wow... that's some hose..."

Brendan: "I am Astroboy!"
Shit, I did it again.  New skit.  Brendan is the Prime Minister of Japan and Lara and Dan are his aides.  All is going well until Japan is hit with a kaiju monster attack!
Brendan: "Augh!  My back!  Where's the monster attacking?"
Lara and Dan: "There!" *turn Beege over*
Brendan: "Over there?"

Can we have at least one year where there isn't any hardcore yaoi action?!

Ah... That's better.  Meet Brendan, the king of no pants.  What a sweet ass... Kidding!  Kidding, sempai!  Or am I? ^_^

Side story: I have encountered Brendan, aka Beege, many times during previous Animethons, but more so during the most recent Animethons.  Ever since the anime improv portion started, I've gotten into a few crazy antics with the guy.  Especially at the first (or was it second?) AI, during the "Let's Make a Date" game where we got to play around with some suggestive actions and innuendo.  This year, I didn't participate in the AI as I had previously, but I was able to catch up with him.
Star: "Yeah, so I'm here with my boyfriend.  I told him all about the anime improv and how I participated in the past ones... Suffice it to say, after telling him about the dating game, he wants to meet you."
Brendan: "Oh god... *beat* How tall is he?"
Star: "How tall are you?"
Brendan: "Six feet."
Star: "Hmm... My boyfriend's got some bulk and power on him, but you're slender and spry.  It's an even match."
Brendan: "Oh god!"
Ian: "Actually, Brendan's 77 feet tall and has 8 balls!"

Story telling game!  Goldilocks and the 3 Bears, as told by the Bible, Sigmund Freud, Happosai, zee Air Captain, and Duo Maxwell. ^_^

The rest of Animethon wasn't so action packed, but it was still wonderful.

Sempai and I wound down the rest of the day by hanging out in the dealer's room.  I found the complete Princess Nine series for only $100!  But sempai stopped me from making such a big purchase.

I also got it into my head to contribute a prize to the Murder Game, and so I dragged sempai about on a wild goose chase, which ended up in nothing.  It was fun, but a big waste of time.

On the plus side, sempai was able to get the manga he wanted.  Mahoro and Ai Yori Aoshi.  Except for Negima.  Negima was quite a popular title this year.

And I was able to get the English release of the R.O.D OVA soundtrack by Geneon!  Reading the English production notes was great!  Plus, I can enjoy the music of my favourite series.  If there's one series, in its entirety, that I can go completely crazy over, it's gotta be Read Or Die.  I can't wait to get the TV soundtrack as well as the R.O.D TV dvds!  Gotta complete the collection... Now, if only the manga and novels would be licensed and translated...

Sempai and I got back in time to watch the closing ceremonies where they announced the AMV contest winners!  Winner of Viewer's choice was "Naruto's United States of Whatever" and for best technical was "Shonen Bushido".

After that, we didn't stick around much longer.  We decided to call it a day.

Unfortunately, I found that I had lost my camera case.  I was in a frantic tizzy trying to look for it, but sempai found it at the security booth's lost and found, and I was glad to have my hero bring it back to me.

All in all, I have to say that this was the best Animethon ever.  Despite all the setbacks, the frazzled running to and fro, I had a wonderful and sweet time with my boyfriend.  It was a meeting that was two years coming, and I was so happy to have it finally come true.  Everything, the ups and downs, were worth the experience, they were part of the experience, and they have given me a great set of memories that I will forever treasure and cherish.

Hopefully, we can do this again for next Animethon, or maybe for another con!

Till Animethon 12!