Animethon 11 - Saturday: Cosplay Contest (Page 5)

Time for another musical interlude!

Keeping fanfic writers fueled for years to come, and answering the question "Why aren't there more female leads in the FF series?", we have Cloud, Vincent, and Squall... as pop stars?!

At this point, the cosplay contest had intermission as the judges went off to, well, judge.  So while they reached their verdict, we had a wonderful half-time show provided by an avid cosplay troupe!

A little teaser of the next performance...

It's a wonderful FFX-2 cosplay (or rather, crossplay in Yuna's case) as they perform the heated and invigorating "Real Emotion" from the FFX-2 sountrack! 

That was all for Saturday night.  Sempai and I didn't stick around for the announcement of the winners, nor did we really stick around for the rest of the half-time show.  We were too tired to keep things up, so we decided to part ways until tomorrow.

I found that I had lost my Premium Pass somewhere between getting into the cosplay and getting out of it.  I couldn't stand to have lost it, but if anything, it meant that I would have to pay for another one.

Oh well.

The day begins anew...